Clerk (Hosidius)

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Released7 January 2016 (Update)
ExamineShe manages the stores.
Advanced data
NPC ID6923
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The clerk manages the fertiliser storage of Hosidius, she is found in the centre of the saltpetre mine in south-west of the city, marked by a Kourend task icon.png icon.

The clerk's office.

The clerk can be offered donation in the form of sulphurous fertilisers, where she manages their storage. Players need at least 5% Hosidius favour in order to donate sulphurous fertilisers. Each bucket of fertiliser donated grants player 0.1% of progress. In order to get 100% favour purely from donating sulphurous fertilisers, a player will need 950 buckets of them.

The clerk will take all sulphurous fertilisers in the player's possession, including the bank, which means players do not need to make multiple trips to donate, and can gain a massive amount of favour in one go.

Sulphurous fertiliser is made by using saltpetre on normal compost. Both saltpetre and compost are tradeable in the Grand Exchange. However, the sulphurous fertiliser is not.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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