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The clue box is an item that can protect a player's clue scroll or reward casket within the Wilderness. If a player dies in the Wilderness with a clue scroll while having the clue box in their inventory, the clue box will be destroyed, but the clue scroll will be protected. It can be purchased at the Bounty Hunter Store for 100,000 points. The clue box only has to be in the player's inventory to protect a clue scroll.

If the player is carrying multiple clue scrolls on death, only one will be protected, even with multiple clue boxes. The protected clue scroll does not take the place of one of your three items kept on death (hence Items Kept on Death interface not showing it as protected), or four with the Protect Item prayer, so it is possible to keep a total of five items on death if you have a clue scroll and clue box in your inventory upon death. As the clue box will also protect the reward casket, it is advised to not open it before leaving the Wilderness if you want to protect your reward. If you have multiple clue scrolls and/or reward caskets, the clue box will keep the item lowest in your inventory. The inventory order starts at the top-left corner and ends at the bottom-right corner, counting horizontally and then vertically.

Although clue scrolls are always kept on death outside the Wilderness, clue boxes are always lost on death.

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