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Clue nests are nests that can be found while training Woodcutting or emptying bird houses on Fossil Island. Searching them will give players a clue scroll of the indicated difficulty, leaving an empty Bird nest. Like clue scrolls, players can only have one of each type of clue nest in their possession.

There are five types of clue nests:

Rates[edit | edit source]

Easy-elite clue nest share a drop table, the main clue nest table, with beginner clue nests on their own drop table.

If a player receives a main clue nest, there is a 40% chance of it being an easy clue nest, a 30% chance of it being a medium clue nest, a 20% chance of it being a hard clue nest, and a 10% chance of it being an elite clue nest. A player CAN increase the rate of specific clues to be dropped because having a clue scroll of a higher tier WILL increase the droprate of lower tier clues on the main table. When a player receives a main clue nest a roll takes place to determine the tier of clue scroll they will receive. If a player already has a clue scroll of the tier they hit on the table, they will receive a clue nest of the next tier down. This is repeated until they receive a nest or, if no lower tiers are available, they will not receive a nest. For example, if a player already possesses a elite clue and rolls a elite clue nest, they will receive a hard clue nest instead, or if they already have a hard clue they will receive a medium clue nest. This process will only give substitute clue nests of a tier lower than the one originally rolled for.[1]

Clue Rate/Chance
Clue nest (easy) 4/10 : 40%
Clue nest (medium) 3/10 : 30%
Clue nest (hard) 2/10 : 20%
Clue nest (elite) 1/10 : 10%

The chance of obtaining a clue nest from the main table is 1 , rounded down, where is the base chance and is the player's woodcutting level. For example, a player cutting redwood trees at level 99 woodcutting will have a 1 in 364 chance of obtaining a clue nest.

The ring of wealth (i) doubles the chance of receiving a clue nest when in the wilderness. Therefore, the highest rate of clue nest dropping if from magic trees in the wilderness with 99 woodcutting and wearing a ring of wealth (i) at a rate of 1 in 182. Although this is the highest rate of dropping it may not be the fastest rate to obtain a clue nest, as other trees can be cut much faster despite the lower drop chance.[2]

The table below displays the base chance of obtaining a clue nest from the main table.[3]

Tree Base chance (B)
Achey trees 317,647
Normal trees 317,647
Oak trees 361,146
Willow trees 289,286
Teak trees 264,336
Juniper trees 360,000
Maple trees 221,918
Hollow trees 214,367
Mahogany trees 220,623
Arctic pines 145,758
Yew trees 145,013
Sulliusceps 343,000
Magic trees 72,321
Redwood trees 72,321

References[edit | edit source]

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