Coal Truck

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Coal Truck
Coal Truck.png
Released23 July 2002 (Update)
LocationWest of McGrubor's Wood,
North of Seers' Village
OptionsRemove-coal, Investigate
ExamineThis transports coal!
Advanced data
Object ID10836

Coal Trucks are used to store coal, and are found by the Coal Trucks mine west of McGrubor's Wood and in the house north of the Forester's Arms Pub in Seers' Village. All coal trucks share the same storage, therefore any coal placed into a coal truck can be removed from any other coal truck. The coal trucks are mainly used by players to deposit the coal mined in the coal trucks mine, then when the coal trucks are full, the coal can be unloaded in Seers' Village and taken to the bank.

The maximum number of coal that can be stored in the coal trucks starts at 120, and increases to 140, 280, and 308 after the easy, medium and hard Kandarin Diaries. Additionaly, after the completion of the elite Kandarin Diary, the first 200 coal placed into the coal trucks will automatically be transported to the player's bank.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
West of McGrubor's WoodMember icon.png10Maplink
North of Seers' VillageMember icon.png2Maplink