Cog (Elemental Workshop)

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Pin (Elemental Workshop) (Bare).pngPin (Elemental Workshop) (Surrounded).png
Released2 October 2006 (Update)
QuestElemental Workshop II
LocationElemental workshop
ExamineA cog might fit on here.
Advanced data
Object ID18664,18665,18666
The cogs places correctly on the pins.

The Cogs (Pins before placing the cogs) are pieces of scenery encountered during the Elemental Workshop II quest. They are part of the Wind tunnel.

Three cogs need to be placed on the pins: The small cog has to go on the upper left pin, the medium cog has to go on the lower left pin, and the large cog has to go on the right pin.

When all cogs are placed, a lever can be pulled that makes a fan blade turn. This will cool the quenched primed bar on the jig cart. The player can then pick the bar from the cart when the cart is back at the old crane.

Although there are arrows on the wall of the wind tunnel, these offer little help for the correct placements of the cogs.