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Easy Combat Achievements tasks do not require any significant skill levels to complete, typically involving tasks to kill a low amount of a boss or basic tasks involving killing a monster in a specific manner.

Requirements[edit | edit source]


Tasks[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 33 easy-tier tasks for the Combat Achievements system. Each easy task gives 1 combat achievement point.

Aberrant SpectreNoxious FoeKill an Aberrant Spectre.Kill Count
BarrowsBarrows NoviceOpen the Barrows chest 10 times.Kill Count
BarrowsDefence? What Defence?Kill any Barrows Brother using only magical damage.Restriction
Black DragonBig, Black and FieryKill a Black Dragon.Kill Count
BloodveldThe Demonic Punching BagKill a Bloodveld.Kill Count
BryophytaPreparation Is KeyKill Bryophyta without suffering any poison damage.Perfection
BryophytaFighting as Intended IIKill Bryophyta on a free to play world.Restriction
BryophytaBryophyta NoviceKill Bryophyta once.Kill Count
BryophytaA Slow DeathKill Bryophyta with either poison or venom being the final source of damage.Restriction
BryophytaProtection from MossKill Bryophyta with the Protect from Magic prayer active.Mechanical
Deranged ArchaeologistDeranged Archaeologist NoviceKill the Deranged Archaeologist 10 times.Kill Count
Fire GiantThe Walking VolcanoKill a Fire Giant.Kill Count
Giant MoleGiant Mole NoviceKill the Giant Mole 10 times.Kill Count
Greater DemonA Greater FoeKill a Greater Demon.Kill Count
Greater DemonNot So Great After AllFinish off a Greater Demon with a demonbane weapon.Restriction
HellhoundA Demon's Best FriendKill a Hellhound.Kill Count
King Black DragonKing Black Dragon NoviceKill the King Black Dragon 10 times.Kill Count
Lizardman ShamanA Scaley EncounterKill a Lizardman Shaman.Kill Count
Lizardman ShamanShayzien ProtectorKill a Lizardman Shaman in Molch which has not dealt damage to anyone. (excluding its Spawns)Perfection
N/AInto the Den of GiantsKill a Hill Giant, Moss Giant and Fire Giant in the Giant Cave within the Shayzien region.Kill Count
OborObor NoviceKill Obor once.Kill Count
OborFighting as IntendedKill Obor on a free to play world.Restriction
OborSleeping GiantKill Obor whilst he is immobilized.Mechanical
SarachnisSarachnis NoviceKill Sarachnis 10 times.Kill Count
TemporossMaster of BucketsExtinguish at least 5 fires during a single Tempoross fight.Mechanical
TemporossCalm Before the StormRepair either a mast or a totem pole.Mechanical
TemporossFire in the Hole!Attack Tempoross from both sides by loading both cannons on both ships.Mechanical
TemporossTempoross NoviceSubdue Tempoross 5 times.Kill Count
WintertodtHandymanRepair a brazier which has been destroyed by the Wintertodt.Mechanical
WintertodtCosySubdue the Wintertodt with four pieces of warm equipment equipped.Restriction
WintertodtMummy!Heal a pyromancer after they have fallen.Mechanical
WintertodtWintertodt NoviceSubdue the Wintertodt 5 times.Kill Count
WyrmA Slithery EncounterKill a Wyrm.Kill Count

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players with 33 Combat Achievement points may claim the easy tier rewards by speaking to Ghommal by the entrance to the Warriors' Guild. These points do not necessarily have to be earned from tasks listed on this page, and can be earned from completing tasks from a higher tier.

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