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Elite Combat Achievements tasks require the player to have high combat levels, having high-level equipment available, as well as good knowledge of dealing with boss mechanics in addition to doing so under difficult restrictions to complete. Speed-based tasks and tasks for raids begin to appear as well.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Verac's flail is not strictly required, as the appropriate task can be completed with the use of thralls.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 129 elite-tier tasks for the Combat Achievements system, the highest amount among all six task sets. Each elite task gives 4 combat achievement points.

Abyssal SirePerfect SireKill the Abyssal Sire without taking damage from the external tentacles, miasma pools, explosion or damage from the Abyssal Sire without praying the appropriate protection prayer.Perfection
Abyssal SireAbyssal VeteranKill the Abyssal Sire 50 times.Kill Count
Abyssal SireDemonic ReboundUse the Vengeance spell to reflect the damage from the Abyssal Sire's explosion back to him.Mechanical
Abyssal SireRespiratory RunnerKill the Abyssal Sire after only stunning him once.Mechanical
Alchemical HydraAlchemical VeteranKill the Alchemical Hydra 75 times.Kill Count
Basilisk KnightReflecting on This EncounterKill a Basilisk Knight.Kill Count
CallistoCallisto VeteranKill Callisto 20 times.Kill Count
CerberusGhost BusterKill Cerberus after successfully negating 6 or more attacks from Summoned Souls.Mechanical
CerberusUnrequired AntifireKill Cerberus without taking damage from any lava pools.Perfection
CerberusCerberus VeteranKill Cerberus 75 times.Kill Count
CerberusAnti-Bite MechanicsKill Cerberus without taking any melee damage.Perfection
Chambers of XericRedemption EnthusiastKill the Abyssal Portal without forcing Vespula to land.Mechanical
Chambers of XericPerfectly BalancedKill the Vanguards without them resetting their health.Mechanical
Chambers of XericDancing with StatuesReceive kill-credit for a Stone Guardian without taking damage from falling rocks.Perfection
Chambers of XericShayzien SpecialistReceive kill-credit for a Lizardman Shaman without taking damage from any shamans in the room.Perfection
Chambers of XericCryo No MoreReceive kill-credit for the Ice Demon without taking any damage.Perfection
Chambers of XericChambers of Xeric VeteranComplete the Chambers of Xeric 25 times.Kill Count
Chambers of XericMutta-dietKill the Muttadile without letting her or her baby recover hitpoints from the meat tree.Mechanical
Chambers of XericBlizzard DodgerReceive kill-credit for the Ice Demon without activating the Protect from Range prayer.Restriction
Chambers of XericUndying Raid TeamComplete a Chambers of Xeric raid without anyone dying.Perfection
Chambers of XericKill It with FireFinish off the Ice Demon with a fire spell.Restriction
Chambers of XericTogether We'll FallKill the Vanguards within 10 seconds of the first one dying.Mechanical
Chambers of Xeric: Challenge ModeDust SeekerComplete a Chambers of Xeric Challenge mode raid in the target time.Speed
Chaos ElementalChaos Elemental VeteranKill the Chaos Elemental 25 times.Kill Count
Commander ZilyanaCommander Zilyana VeteranKill Commander Zilyana 100 times.Kill Count
Commander ZilyanaReminisceKill Commander Zilyana in a private instance with melee only.Restriction
Corporeal BeastChicken KillerKill the Corporeal Beast solo.Restriction
Corporeal BeastHot on Your FeetKill the Corporeal Beast without anyone killing the dark core or taking damage from the dark core.Perfection
Corporeal BeastCorporeal Beast VeteranKill the Corporeal Beast 25 times.Kill Count
Corporeal BeastFinding the Weak SpotFinish off the Corporeal Beast with a Crystal Halberd special attack.Restriction
Corrupted Hunllef3, 2, 1 - MageKill the Corrupted Hunllef without taking damage off prayer.Perfection
Corrupted HunllefCorrupted Gauntlet VeteranComplete the Corrupted Gauntlet 5 times.Kill Count
Crystalline HunllefGauntlet VeteranComplete the Gauntlet 5 times.Kill Count
Crystalline HunllefWolf PuncherKill the Crystalline Hunllef without making more than one attuned weapon.Restriction
Crystalline Hunllef3, 2, 1 - RangeKill the Crystalline Hunllef without taking damage off prayer.Perfection
Crystalline HunllefCrystalline WarriorKill the Crystalline Hunllef with a full set of perfected armour equipped.Restriction
Crystalline HunllefEgniol DietKill the Crystalline Hunllef without making an egniol potion within the Gauntlet.Restriction
Dagannoth PrimeFrom One King to AnotherKill Prime using a Rune Thrownaxe special attack, bounced off Dagannoth Rex.Mechanical
Dagannoth PrimeDeath to the Seer KingKill Dagannoth Prime whilst under attack by Dagannoth Supreme and Dagannoth Rex.Mechanical
Dagannoth RexDeath to the Warrior KingKill Dagannoth Rex whilst under attack by Dagannoth Supreme and Dagannoth Prime.Mechanical
Dagannoth RexToppling the DiarchyKill Dagannoth Rex and one other Dagannoth king at the exact same time.Mechanical
Dagannoth SupremeDeath to the Archer KingKill Dagannoth Supreme whilst under attack by Dagannoth Prime and Dagannoth Rex.Mechanical
Dagannoth SupremeRapid SuccessionKill all three Dagannoth Kings within 9 seconds of the first one.Mechanical
Demonic GorillaIf Gorillas Could FlyKill a Demonic Gorilla.Kill Count
Demonic GorillaHitting Them Where It HurtsFinish off a Demonic Gorilla with a demonbane weapon.Restriction
Fragment of SerenFragment of Seren Speed-TrialistKill The Fragment of Seren in less than 4 minutes.Speed
GalvekGalvek Speed-TrialistKill Galvek in less than 3 minutes.Speed
General GraardorOurg Freezer IIKill General Graardor without him attacking any players.Mechanical
General GraardorGeneral Graardor VeteranKill General Graardor 100 times.Kill Count
Giant MoleHard HitterKill the Giant Mole with 4 or fewer instances of damage.Mechanical
GloughGlough Speed-TrialistKill Glough in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.Speed
Grotesque GuardiansGrotesque Guardians VeteranKill the Grotesque Guardians 50 times.Kill Count
Grotesque GuardiansFrom Dusk...Kill the Grotesque Guardians 10 times without leaving the instance.Stamina
Grotesque GuardiansGrotesque Guardians Speed-TrialistKill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 2 minutes.Speed
Grotesque GuardiansDone before DuskKill the Grotesque Guardians before Dusk uses his prison attack for a second time.Mechanical
Grotesque GuardiansPerfect Grotesque GuardiansKill the Grotesque Guardians whilst completing the "Don't look at the eclipse", "Prison Break", "Granite Footwork", "Heal no more", "Static Awareness" and "Done before dusk" tasks.Perfection
HesporiPlant-Based DietKill Hespori without losing any prayer points.Restriction
HesporiHespori Speed-TrialistKill the Hespori in less than 48 seconds.Speed
K'ril TsutsarothThe Bane of DemonsDefeat K'ril Tsutsaroth in a private instance using only demonbane spells.Mechanical
K'ril TsutsarothK'ril Tsutsaroth VeteranKill K'ril Tsutsaroth 100 times.Kill Count
K'ril TsutsarothDemonic DefenceKill K'ril Tsutsaroth in a private instance without taking any of his melee hits.Perfection
Kalphite QueenKalphite Queen VeteranKill the Kalphite Queen 50 times.Kill Count
Kalphite QueenInsect DeflectionKill the Kalphite Queen by using the Vengeance spell as the finishing blow.Mechanical
Kalphite QueenPrayer SmasherKill the Kalphite Queen using only the Verac's Flail as a weapon.Restriction
KrakenTen-taclesKill the Kraken 50 times in a private instance without leaving the room.Stamina
Kree'arraKree'arra VeteranKill Kree'arra 100 times.Kill Count
NexNex SurvivorsKill Nex without anyone dying.Restriction
NexNex VeteranKill Nex once.Kill Count
Phantom MuspahPhantom Muspah VeteranKill the Phantom Muspah 25 times.Kill Count
Phantom MuspahPhantom Muspah Speed-TrialistKill the Phantom Muspah in less than 3 minutes without a slayer task.Speed
Phantom MuspahVersatile DrainerDrain the Phantom Muspah's Prayer with three different sources in one kill.Mechanical
Phantom MuspahCan't EscapeKill the Phantom Muspah without running.Restriction
Phosani's NightmarePhosani's VeteranKill Phosani's Nightmare once.Kill Count
ScorpiaScorpia VeteranKill Scorpia 25 times.Kill Count
SkotizoDemon EvasionKill Skotizo without taking any damage.Perfection
SkotizoUp for the ChallengeKill Skotizo without equipping a demonbane weapon.Restriction
The MimicMimic VeteranKill the Mimic once.Kill Count
The NightmareNightmare VeteranKill The Nightmare 25 times.Kill Count
The NightmareExplosion!Kill two Husks at the same time.Mechanical
The NightmareNightmare (5-Scale) Speed-TrialistDefeat the Nightmare (5-scale) in less than 5 minutes.Speed
The NightmareNightmare (Solo) Speed-TrialistDefeat the Nightmare (Solo) in less than 23 minutes.Speed
The NightmareSleep TightKill the Nightmare solo.Restriction
Theatre of BloodTheatre of Blood VeteranComplete the Theatre of Blood 25 times.Kill Count
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeChally TimeDefeat the Pestilent Bloat in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode by using a crystal halberd special attack as your final attack.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeNylocas, On the RocksIn the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode, freeze any 4 Nylocas with a single Ice Barrage spell.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeThey Won't Expect ThisIn the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode, enter the Pestilent Bloat room from the opposite side.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeAppropriate ToolsDefeat the Pestilent Bloat in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode with everyone having a salve amulet equipped.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeAnticoagulantsDefeat the Maiden of Sugadinti in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode without letting any bloodspawn live for longer than 10 seconds.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeJust To Be SafeDefeat Sotetseg in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode after having split the big ball with your entire team. This must be done with a group size of at least 2.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeAttack, Step, WaitSurvive Verzik Vitur's second phase in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode without anyone getting bounced by Verzik.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeNo-PillarSurvive Verzik Vitur's pillar phase in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode without losing a single pillar.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModePass It OnIn the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode, successfully pass on the green ball to a team mate.Mechanical
Theatre of Blood: Entry ModeDon't Look at Me!Kill Xarpus in the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode without him reflecting any damage to anyone.Mechanical
Thermonuclear Smoke DevilHazard PreventionKill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil without it hitting anyone.Perfection
Thermonuclear Smoke DevilThermonuclear VeteranKill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 20 times.Kill Count
Thermonuclear Smoke DevilSpec'd OutKill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil using only special attacks.Restriction
Tombs of AmascutTomb ExplorerComplete the Tombs of Amascut once.Kill Count
Tombs of AmascutI'm in a rushDefeat Ba-Ba after destroying four or fewer rolling boulders in total without dying yourself.Mechanical
Tombs of AmascutDropped the ballDefeat Akkha without dropping any materialising orbs and without dying yourself.Mechanical
Tombs of AmascutHelpful spirit who?Complete the Tombs of Amascut without using any supplies from the Helpful Spirit and without anyone dying. Honey locusts are included in this restriction.Restriction
Tombs of AmascutDown Do SpecsDefeat the Wardens after staggering the boss a maximum of twice during phase two, without dying yourself.Mechanical
Tombs of AmascutPerfect CrondisComplete the Crondis room without letting a crocodile get to the tree, without anyone losing water from their container and in under one minute.Perfection
Tombs of AmascutNo skipping allowedDefeat Ba-Ba after only attacking the non-weakened boulders in the rolling boulder phase, without dying yourself. The Boulderdash invocation must be activated.Mechanical
Tombs of AmascutHardcore TombsComplete the Tombs of Amascut solo without dying.Perfection
Tombs of AmascutHardcore RaidersComplete the Tombs of Amascut in a group of two or more without anyone dying.Perfection
Tombs of AmascutPerfect HetComplete the Het room without taking any damage from the light beam and orbs. You must destroy the core after one exposure.Perfection
Tombs of AmascutPerfect ApmekenComplete the Apmeken room in a group of two or more, without anyone allowing any dangers to trigger, standing in venom or being hit by a volatile baboon. You must complete this room in less than three minutes.Perfection
Tombs of Amascut: Entry ModeNovice Tomb RaiderComplete the Tombs of Amascut in Entry mode (or above) 50 times.Kill Count
Tombs of Amascut: Expert ModeExpert Tomb ExplorerComplete the Tombs of Amascut (Expert mode) once.Kill Count
TzHaar-Ket-Rak's ChallengesTzHaar-Ket-Rak's Speed-TrialistComplete TzHaar-Ket-Rak's first challenge in less than 45 seconds.Speed
TzHaar-Ket-Rak's ChallengesFacing Jad Head-on IIIComplete TzHaar-Ket-Rak's second challenge with only melee.Restriction
TzHaar-Ket-Rak's ChallengesThe II Jad ChallengeComplete TzHaar-Ket-Rak's second challenge.Kill Count
TzKal-ZukHalf-Way ThereKill a Jal-Zek within the Inferno.Kill Count
TzTok-JadFight Caves VeteranComplete the Fight Caves once.Kill Count
TzTok-JadA Near Miss!Complete the Fight Caves after surviving a hit from TzTok-Jad without praying.Mechanical
TzTok-JadFacing Jad Head-onComplete the Fight Caves with only melee.Restriction
VenenatisVenenatis VeteranKill Venenatis 20 times.Kill Count
Vet'ionVet'eranKill Vet'ion 20 times.Kill Count
VorkathVorkath VeteranKill Vorkath 50 times.Kill Count
VorkathStick 'em With the Pointy EndKill Vorkath using melee weapons only.Restriction
VorkathZombie DestroyerKill Vorkath's zombified spawn without using crumble undead.Restriction
ZalcanoTeam PlayerReceive imbued tephra from a golem.Mechanical
ZalcanoThe Spurned HeroKill Zalcano as the player who has dealt the most damage to her.Mechanical
ZalcanoZalcano VeteranKill Zalcano 25 times.Kill Count
ZalcanoPerfect ZalcanoKill Zalcano 5 times in a row without leaving or getting hit by the following: Falling rocks, rock explosions, Zalcano powering up, or standing in a red symbol.Perfection
ZulrahSnake. Snake!? Snaaaaaake!Kill 3 Snakelings simultaneously.Mechanical
ZulrahSnake ReboundKill Zulrah by using the Vengeance spell as the finishing blow.Mechanical
ZulrahZulrah Speed-TrialistKill Zulrah in less than 1 minute 20 seconds, without a slayer task.Speed
ZulrahZulrah VeteranKill Zulrah 75 times.Kill Count

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players with 820 Combat Achievement points may claim the elite tier rewards by speaking to Ghommal by the entrance to the Warriors' Guild. These points do not necessarily have to be earned from tasks listed on this page, and can be earned from completing tasks from another tier.