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Medium Combat Achievements tasks involve tasks to kill an intermediate amount of a boss, require a basic knowledge of dealing with boss mechanics, as well as doing so under certain restrictions to complete.

Requirements[edit | edit source]


Tasks[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 41 medium-tier tasks for the Combat Achievements system.

Monster Name Description Category
Barrows Pray for Success Kill all six Barrows Brothers and loot the Barrows chest without taking any damage from any of the brothers. Perfection
Barrows Can't Touch Me Kill Dharok, Verac, Torag and Guthan without letting them attack you with melee and loot the chest. Mechanical
Barrows Barrows Champion Open the Barrows chest 25 times. Kill count
Brutal black dragon Brutal, Big, Black and Firey Kill a Brutal Black Dragon. Kill count
Bryophyta Quick Cutter Kill all 3 of Bryophyta's growthlings within 3 seconds of the first one dying. Mechanical
Bryophyta Bryophyta Champion Kill Bryophyta 5 times. Kill count
Chaos Fanatic Sorry, What Was That? Kill the Chaos Fanatic without anyone being hit by his explosion attack. Perfection
Chaos Fanatic Chaos Fanatic Champion Kill the Chaos Fanatic 10 times. Kill count
Crazy archaeologist I'd Rather Not Learn Kill the Crazy Archaeologist without anyone being hit by his "Rain of Knowledge" attack. Perfection
Crazy archaeologist Mage of the Ruins Kill the Crazy Archaeologist with only magical attacks. Mechanical
Crazy archaeologist Crazy Archaeologist Champion Kill the Crazy Archaeologist 10 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime Champion Kill Dagannoth Prime 10 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Rex A Frozen King Kill Dagannoth Rex whilst he is immoblized. Mechanical
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex Champion Kill Dagannoth Rex 10 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme Champion Kill Dagannoth Supreme 10 times. Kill count
Deranged archaeologist I'd Rather Be Illiterate Kill the Deranged Archaeologist without anyone being hit by his "Learn to Read" attack. Perfection
Deranged archaeologist Mage of the Swamp Kill the Deranged Archaeologist with only magical attacks. Mechanical
Deranged archaeologist Deranged Archaeologist Champion Kill the Deranged Archaeologist 25 times. Kill count
Gargoyle A Smashing Time Kill a Gargoyle. Kill count
Giant Mole Avoiding Those Little Arms Kill the Giant Mole without her damaging anyone. Perfection
Giant Mole Giant Mole Champion Kill the Giant mole 25 times. Kill count
King Black Dragon Antifire Protection Kill the King Black Dragon with an antifire potion active and an antidragon shield equipped. Restriction
King Black Dragon Hide Penetration Kill the King Black Dragon with a stab weapon.[t 1] Restriction
King Black Dragon Claw Clipper Kill the King Black Dragon with the Protect from Melee prayer activated. Mechanical
King Black Dragon King Black Dragon Champion Kill the King Black Dragon 25 times. Kill count
Kurask Master of Broad Weaponry Kill a Kurask. Kill count
Obor Squashing the Giant Kill Obor without taking any damage off prayer. Perfection
Obor Back to the Wall Kill Obor without being pushed back more than one square by his knockback attack. Mechanical
Obor Obor Champion Kill Obor 5 times. Kill count
Sarachnis Newspaper Enthusiast Kill Sarachnis with a crush weapon. Restriction
Sarachnis Sarachnis Champion Kill Sarachnis 25 times. Kill count
Skeletal Wyvern A Frozen Foe from the Past Kill a Skeletal Wyvern Kill count
Skotizo Demonbane Weaponry Kill Skotizo with demonbane weapon equipped. Restriction
Skotizo Demonic Weakening Kill Skotizo with no altars active. Mechanical
Skotizo Skotizo Champion Kill Skotizo once. Kill count
Tempoross The Lone Angler Subdue Tempoross alone without getting hit by any fires, torrents or waves. Perfection
Tempoross Tempoross Champion Subdue Tempoross 10 times. Kill count
Thrall Sit Back and Relax Deal 100 damage to creatures using undead thralls. Mechanical
Wintertodt Leaving No One Behind Subdue the Wintertodt without any of the Pyromancers falling. Restriction
Wintertodt Can We Fix It? Subdue the Wintertodt without allowing all 4 braziers to be broken at the same time. Perfection
Wintertodt Wintertodt Champion Subdue the Wintertodt 10 times. Kill count
  1. ^ The weapon needs to be set on the 'stab' style (thus secondary stab weapons work).

Rewards[edit | edit source]