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A player's, monster's, or non-player character's combat level indicates the difficulty in defeating them in combat. For some bosses and most monsters it is reflective of their actual stats as well.

Normally, aggressive non-player characters stop attacking you when you reach higher than double their combat level. There are exceptions, however - for example, any monsters in the Wilderness will be aggressive no matter what your combat level is.

By default, monsters with a higher combat level than a player cannot be attacked by using a left mouse click, requiring a right click to select the attack monster option. So, to be able to attack a Blue dragon with combat level 111 with a simple left click, a player would need a combat level of at least 111. However, this behaviour can be changed in the controls section of the Settings tab by changing the "NPC 'Attack' Options" setting.

All new players start out at combat level 3, and the maximum level for players in Old School RuneScape is level 126. Players will receive a combat level-up notification upon reaching a new combat level. This can be disabled in the game settings.

Combat level requirements[edit | edit source]

Slayer masters, by default, have a combat level requirement to get tasks from them. It can be removed and ignored by the player by talking to one of them.

Calculating combat level[edit | edit source]

Simply[edit | edit source]

  1. Take your Prayer level and divide it by two and round down (for example, if your Prayer level is 43, dividing by two and rounding down gives you 21)
  2. Add this to your Hitpoints and Defence levels and divide the result by 4. This is your base combat level. (For example, if your Hitpoints is 60, Defence is 70 and prayer is 43 you should end up with 37.75)
  3. Add your Strength and Attack levels together and multiply by 0.325. Add this to your base combat level and you should have your melee combat level.
  4. If your Magic or Ranged level is exceptionally higher than your Attack and Strength, carry on - in the calculation noted below Magic is used, but if your Ranged is exceptionally higher, use that instead in all cases
  5. Divide your Magic level by 2 and round down, and then add your Magic level again to this (for example, if your Magic level is 83, you should end up with 124)
  6. Multiply this by 0.325 and add the result to your base combat level calculated above, and you should have your magic combat level.

Mathematics[edit | edit source]

Combined formulae[edit | edit source]

Wiki combat calculator[edit | edit source]

This calculator can be used to experiment how combat skills affect combat level.

 template = Calculator:Combat level/Template
 form = combatCalcForm
 result = combatCalcResult
 param  = playername|Player name||hs|attack,1,1;strength,3,1;ranged,5,1;magic,7,1;defence,2,1;hitpoints,4,1;prayer,6,1
 param = attack|Attack|1|int|1-99
 param = strength|Strength|1|int|1-99
 param = ranged|Ranged|1|int|1-99
 param = magic|Magic|1|int|1-99
 param = defence|Defence|1|int|1-99
 param = hitpoints|Hitpoints|10|int|9-99
 param = prayer|Prayer|1|int|1-99
Please wait for the form to load. If it does not load, try
  • Refreshing the page
  • Checking that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser
  • Checking your custom JavaScript does not interfere with the calculator script in any way

Colours[edit | edit source]

Combat levels that are different than your own display as a different colour. These colours range from ±10 of your combat level, from shades of green for levels that are slightly lower than the player's to red for levels slightly higher than the player's; 9 distinct colours exist for this purpose.

Level Colour Hex Code
>=10 (level+10) #ff0000
+9 (level+9) #ff3000
+8 (level+8) #ff3000
+7 (level+7) #ff3000
+6 (level+6) #ff7000
+5 (level+5) #ff7000
+4 (level+4) #ff7000
+3 (level+3) #ffb000
+2 (level+2) #ffb000
+1 (level+1) #ffb000
±0 (level±0) #ffff00
-1 (level-1) #c0ff00
-2 (level-2) #c0ff00
-3 (level-3) #c0ff00
-4 (level-4) #80ff00
-5 (level-5) #80ff00
-6 (level-6) #80ff00
-7 (level-7) #40ff00
-8 (level-8) #40ff00
-9 (level-9) #40ff00
<=10 (level-10) #00ff00

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

Some monsters do not have a combat level. These are:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 March 2023

Players will now receive level up notifications when they advance a combat level.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In RuneScape Classic, the maximum combat level is 123 due to an alternative combat level formula.
  • In RuneScape 3, the maximum combat level is 138 due to the introduction of the Summoning skill.