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combat pure
Also calledReverse Skiller, Combat Only, Slayer Only, 807
Build typeTank
Combat level126
Combat icon.png Example combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.pngPrayer icon.pngAttack style icon.png

A combat only pure, or reverse skiller, is a type of pure that only develops combat skills and the Slayer skill. Combat pures keep their skilling stats at level 1, leaving them with a max total level of 807. This makes it more challenging to acquire gear or progress the account as some regions of Gielinor are not accessible, and some content or gear requires quests with skilling involved.

A combat only account type can be played on any game mode but it is most recommended as a Hardcore Ironman, Regular Ironman, or Ultimate Ironman. Each mode will bring their own unique flavour to how a combat only pure progresses their account. As a reminder to those who choose Ultimate Ironman, it is possible to "downgrade" an Ultimate Ironman to a normal Ironman or main account by talking to the Iron Man tutor in Lumbridge.

This page has a quick introduction to the combat only build, as well as some guidance on getting started on a new combat only account. The guide is broken down to three stages of the game (Early-game, Mid-game, and End-game), each with their own article providing more details. The links are below each respective section of this page. It is highly recommended to read the early- and mid-game sections before starting the account to get a good idea of what progression will look like and pick some goals to set for yourself.

Throughout the guide keep an eye out for this icon Dungeon icon.png as it might be important to maintain account integrity.

Dungeon icon.png Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Before getting started as a combat only pure, it is important to understand some of the unique restrictions that come with the build. Alongside the restrictions given to every Ironman, Ultimate Ironmen, or Hardcore Ironman, combat only pures avoid the following:

Other than these areas, most content like Barrows, Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Inferno, Wilderness, Slayer bosses, and some quests are available to complete. For more information on everything available, see the equipment progression table and account guides below.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Below are some of the most important combat only tips that will help you progress easier and avoid ruining the account build.

Quest point icon.png Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests can be completed by combat only pures as they do not reward the player with any experience points in skills that would level the stat to 2.

Finishing all of these quests would require the skill levels in the box to the right and leave you with 58 quest points. Most combat only pures skip some quests due to undesirable Slayer task unlocks after completion (such as spiritual creatures from Death Plateau or dragon tasks from starting Dragon Slayer I).

Please pay attention to any Dungeon icon.png recommendation comments or warnings before starting a quest.

Total level: 155
Attack 20 Hitpoints 10 Mining 1
Strength 1 Agility 1 Smithing 1
Defence 1 Herblore 1 Fishing 1
Ranged 1 Thieving 1 Cooking 1
Prayer 31 Crafting 1 Firemaking 1
Magic 75 Fletching 1 Woodcutting 1
Runecraft 1 Slayer 1 Farming 1
Construction 1 Hunter 1
Combat level 3 Quest point icon.png 12 Music.png ----
As of 30-12-2021

Free-to-play quests

Members' quests


Partial Completions (for clue steps, etc.)

Combat Path icon.png Equipment Progression[edit | edit source]

There are many more items available than what's shown in the tables below but this should give a rough idea of how combat only pures will progress. Each table is setup with recommended gear upgrades to suit each combat style. Please note that the stats of some items might be better or worse than the item before it. The table is setup in a typical combat only pure progression order, not necessarily by best stats.

Dungeon icon.png The Extra Rare Gear tab is for some of the more obscure or very difficult to obtain items on a combat only pure.

Recommended equipment for Melee
SlotItem (End Game → Mid Game → Early Game)
HeadInquisitor's great helm.pngInquisitor's great helm / Justiciar faceguard.pngJusticiar faceguardObsidian helmet.pngObsidian helmetGuthan's helm.png Barrows helmetFighter hat.pngFighter hatVoid melee helm.pngVoid melee helm[1]Dragon med helm.pngDragon med helmRune full helm.pngRune full helmAdamant full helm.pngAdamant full helm / Mithril full helm.pngMithril full helm
NeckAmulet of glory (t4).pngAmulet of glory (t4)Amulet of strength.pngAmulet of strength / Strength amulet (t).pngStrength amulet (t)Amulet of power.pngAmulet of power / Amulet of power (t).pngAmulet of power (t)Xeric's talisman.pngXeric's talismanStole.gifStoleAmulet of accuracy.pngAmulet of accuracyGnome amulet.pngGnome amuletAmulet of defence.pngAmulet of defence / Amulet of defence (t).pngAmulet of defence (t)
BackInfernal cape.pngInfernal capeFire cape.pngFire capeCapes of accomplishments (trimmed).gif Cape of AccomplishmentImbued god capes.gif Imbued god capeGod capes.gif God capesSaradomin cloak.png Vestment cloakClue hunter cloak.pngclue hunter cloakCabbage cape.pngcabbage cape
BodyInquisitor's hauberk.pngInquisitor's hauberk / Justiciar chestguard.pngJusticiar chestguardObsidian platebody.pngObsidian platebodyGuthan's platebody.png Barrows platebodyFighter torso.pngFighter torsoVoid knight top.pngVoid knight top[1]Granite body.pnggranite bodyRune chainbody.pngrune chainbodyAdamant platebody.pngadamant platebody / Mithril platebody.pngmithril platebody
LegsInquisitor's plateskirt.pnginquisitor's plateskirt / Justiciar legguards.pngjusticiar legguardsObsidian platelegs.pngobsidian platelegsGuthan's chainskirt.png Barrows platelegsDragon platelegs.pngdragon platelegsVoid knight robe.pngVoid knight robe[1]Rune platelegs.pngrune platelegsAdamant platelegs.pngadamant platelegsMithril platelegs.pngmithril platelegs
WeaponElder maul.pngElder maul / Dragon claws.pngDragon claws / Inquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's maceGhrazi rapier.pngGhrazi rapier / Scythe of vitur.pngScythe of viturAbyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacle / Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whipLeaf-bladed battleaxe.pngleaf-bladed battleaxeLeaf-bladed sword.pngleaf-bladed sword / Dragon sword.pngDragon swordRune scimitar.pngrune scimitarExcalibur.pngExcaliburMithril scimitar.pngMithril scimitar
ShieldDinh's bulwark.pngDinh's bulwark / Avernic defender.pngAvernic defenderDragon defender.pngDragon defenderToktz-ket-xil.pngToktz-ket-xilRune defender.pngRune defenderGranite shield.pngGranite shieldRune kiteshield.pngRune kiteshieldAdamant kiteshield.pngAdamant kiteshieldMirror shield.pngMirror shield
Ammo/SpellGod blessing.gifGod blessingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
BootsDragon boots.pngDragon bootsSpiked manacles.pngSpiked manaclesRune boots.pngRune bootsAdamant boots.pngAdamant bootsMithril boots.pngMithril bootsBlack boots.pngBlack bootsSteel boots.pngSteel bootsFighting boots.pngFighting boots
RingBrimstone ring.pngBrimstone ringBerserker ring (i).pngBerserker ring (i) / Berserker ring.pngBerserker ringTyrannical ring (i).pngTyrannical ring (i) / Tyrannical ring.pngTyrannical ringTreasonous ring (i).pngTreasonous ring (i) / Treasonous ring.pngTreasonous ringGranite ring.pngGranite ringWarrior ring.pngWarrior ringRing of dueling(8).pngRing of dueling(8)N/A
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Only use with the full set of Void knight armour

Excalibur.png Early-game Rune scimitar.png[edit | edit source]

Early game content on a combat only pure is built around preparing the account for an extended Slayer grind and some early bossing. It's recommended to read through the whole early and mid-game sections to understand what account progression will look like through these stages. If you are playing on a Hardcore Ironman or Ultimate Ironman your progression may look slightly different.

Early-game should be focused on training magic to 55+, getting 43 prayer, obtaining 50 quest points for a slayer block, getting a rune scimitar from Zamorak Warriors, cash for runes, a Dragon Defender, and an Amulet of Power or Amulet of Strength, along with some useful transportation methods.

Please pay attention to any Dungeon icon.png recommendation comments or warnings in the guide linked below.

Leaf-bladed sword.png Mid-game Abyssal whip (My Arm's Big Adventure).png[edit | edit source]

Mid-game content is built around unlocking your final gear required for efficient Slayer on a combat only pure. There's a lot of different options and routes you can take at this stage but it is recommended to acquire all the following gear at some point unless you're an Ultimate Ironman.

If you followed the early-game portion closely you should have a Magic level of 55 or more, a Prayer level of 43 or more, access to the Warriors' Guild with a rune or dragon defender, a rune scimitar and Excalibur, and access to many transportation options. If you did any clues or crazy archaeologist you might have a strength, power, and magic amulet. If you didn't get lucky with clues you will get those during this stage.

This stage of the game is heavily gear focused so the main goals should be getting 55/70/85 slayer for weapon upgrades, doing minigames like barbarian assault or pest control for armour, fire cape, imbued god cape, and hard clue loot with some mid-tier bossing.

Please pay attention to any Dungeon icon.png recommendation comments or warnings in the guide linked below.

Abyssal tentacle.png End-game Ghrazi rapier.png[edit | edit source]

End-game content on a combat only pure consists of reaching max total level combat pure, unlocking your final slayer bosses like kraken, thermonuclear smoke devil, and Alchemical Hydra for the gear they drop. There are a lot of completionist goals that will come into play at this stage of the account including the Champion's cape, infernal cape, Nightmare of Ashihama, more clues, and Raiding.

This section lists many more things like every available pet, raiding tips, bossing tips, and unique grinds that are available to combat only pures.

Please pay attention to any Dungeon icon.png recommendation comments or warnings in the guide linked below.

Amulet of glory (t).png Clue Scrolls Dragonstone bracelet.png[edit | edit source]

Clue scrolls play a huge part in the combat only pure account type. This includes getting unique upgrades such as the amulet of glory (t) from hard clue scrolls, or the dragonstone bracelet from elite clue scrolls. (It can be enchanted to make the best-in-slot combat bracelet.) Though clue scrolls also provide essential upgrades as you train your combat pure account, such as black dragonhide armour, the magic shortbow, and more. In summary, do as many clue scrolls as possible.

Dungeon icon.png Use the links below to see every completable or non-completable clue step for each tier of clue. Don't forget you can increase clue step completion % rates by juggling clues.

Clue scroll (beginner).png Beginner Clues[edit | edit source]

78% chance to get a completable step. 1-3 step casket chance.

Dungeon icon.png Doing beginner clues on a combat only pure is not really worth the effort. There are no items that will benefit the account build and all Charlie the Tramp steps are impossible to complete.

Clue scroll (easy).png Easy Clues[edit | edit source]

96% chance to get a completable step. 2-4 step casket chance.

Clue scroll (medium).png Medium Clues[edit | edit source]

87% chance to get a completable step. 3-5 step casket chance.

Clue scroll (hard).png Hard Clues[edit | edit source]

68% chance to get a completable step. 4-6 step casket chance.

Clue scroll (elite).png Elite Clues[edit | edit source]

41% chance to get a completable step. 5-7 step casket chance.

Clue scroll (master).png Master Clues[edit | edit source]

57% chance to get a completable step. 6-8 step casket chance.

Dungeon icon.png Doing master clues can be very tedious on a combat only build. When it comes to the Hot/Cold steps combat only pures will not have access to a Strange Device. This means combat only pures have to manually check every 100+ Hot/Cold steps until they hit the correct one. This means the completion rate for hot cold steps will be high, but very time consuming.

Dungeon icon.png For Falo the Bard steps you have to start the Fremennik Trials quest before Falo will talk to you.

Rare drop table.png Useful Items and Tips[edit | edit source]

Money Making[edit | edit source]

See the early-game guide article above for more specific early-game money making methods. Once you hit 70 Slayer you really won't worry about money again unless if you blow all your cash on rune arrows and death runes.

Food Sources[edit | edit source]

The best source of reliable food are the potato with cheese from Warriors' Guild food shop. Pairing these with karambwans from Alfonse the waiter in Brimhaven can be beneficial for bossing. Ultimate Ironmen should rush 99 Strength so they can teleport directly to the Warriors' Guild to resupply. Utilize the Burthope Games Room minigame teleport to get there quickly before 99 Strength.

Food listed with a Dungeon icon.png icon are too rare to grind or not worth the effort to use. It's best to ignore these as viable options.

Potion Sources[edit | edit source]

Potions are very hard to come by so from the very beginning you will want to stockpile everything you can. Following the tip of always carrying a Cadantine.png clean cadantine with you for the jekyll random should provide enough Super restore(4).png super restores for a fire cape attempt. Once you hit 72 Slayer you can grind prayer potions from Skeletal Wyverns. Once you are doing Theatre of Blood and Kraken you should be stockpiling extra super restores or sanfew serums.

Don't forget to use blighted restores from Last Man Standing or Soul Wars during wilderness grinds.

Note that an Ultimate Ironman combat only pure can use the decanter Bob at the Grand Exchange, reduce potions to 1 dose, and save potions until they are needed.

Potions listed with a Dungeon icon.png icon are too rare to grind or not worth the effort to use. It's best to ignore these as viable options but are available if you need them.

Useful Items[edit | edit source]

This is a list of obscure items that may be beneficial to use throughout the combat only pure grind.