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This article is about the Construction skill. For information on training Construction, see Construction training.
For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/All milestones.
For a list of all requirements and unlockables within the Construction skill, see Construction/Level up table.

Construction is a members-only skill that allows players to build their own houses and provide furniture for them. To begin Construction, players must buy a house from one of the estate agents. A starter house will cost 1,000 coins, and will be in Rimmington. A level 40 Magic spell can then be used to teleport to the house, or players can walk to Rimmington, where there is a portal (House portal icon.png icon on the map) that will teleport players to their house.

The house starts off with only a parlour and garden, but furniture and additional rooms can be built. To build, go to the options menu, select house options, and set the building mode mode to on. Players will then see what looks like ghost-like hotspots where new objects can be built. See the Constructed items list for details on what you can build at what level.

Players can also visit a friend's house if they are home and using the same portal.

Audio options icon.png
Construction level-up
The first music that can be played when levelled up.
Audio options icon.png
Construction level-up
The second music that can be played when levelled up.

How to start training construction[edit | edit source]

Buying a house[edit | edit source]

The first step in training the construction skill is buying a player-owned house. A house costs 1,000 coins and can be bought by talking to an estate agent.

Estate agent[edit | edit source]

Estate agents are NPCs that sell players land to build their house on. These agents can be found in several major cities: Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, East Ardougne, and Hosidius. They are identified on the minimap by a symbol of a small house (Estate Agent icon.png). Players must pay 1,000 coins to purchase their first house in Rimmington, and begin training the Construction skill.

After reaching certain level milestones between level 1 and 50, players can pay an estate agent to move or decorate their house. For more information on this subject, visit the estate agent page.

Estate agents also sell the Construction cape for 99,000 coins to anyone with a level 99 in Construction.

How to get to your house[edit | edit source]

POH Portal

There are four ways to enter your player-owned house. The first option is by entering the POH portal that is connected to your house. The other options are by teleporting into your house.

POH Locations[edit | edit source]

The locations of POH portals are identified by the portal House portal icon.png icon on the world map.

When first bought, the player-owned house is located in Rimmington. Players can move their house to Rimmington (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 1), Taverley (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 10), Pollnivneach (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 20), Hosidius (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 25), Rellekka (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 30), Brimhaven (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 40) and Yanille (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 50) by paying a small fee (5,000 to 25,000 coins) to an estate agent, assuming they meet the construction level requirement.

See the POH portal page for more information on the exact location of the POH portals and the (dis)advantages of each location.

Teleports[edit | edit source]

Teleport to house tablet

Players can teleport to their house by casting the Teleport to House spell, requiring level 40 Magic, or by breaking a teleport to house tablet. Players who are level 99 in Construction could also use their Construction cape to teleport to their house.

How to build in your house[edit | edit source]

After entering their house, players are able to start training Construction. To do so, first enter the building mode. While in the building mode, translucent hotspots will appear indicating objects can be build here.

Entering building mode[edit | edit source]

There are two ways to enter the building mode of your house. The first option is to right-click the POH portal and selecting the 'build mode' option. The second option is by going to the Options menu in the main game interface. Once "House options" button is chosen, players can toggle Building mode ON and OFF.

While in this building mode, players can purchase extra rooms or build furniture.

Adding new rooms[edit | edit source]

There are many different rooms that can be added to houses. The house a player buys will begin with a garden and parlour, but more rooms can be added. Different rooms will require different Construction levels (ranging from level 1 to 80) and will cost money (ranging from 1,000 to 250,000 coins). New rooms can be added by right-clicking the door hotspots or using the viewer while in building mode.

See the player-owned house page for more information on the exact level requirement and the cost of each room.

Building furniture[edit | edit source]

Each room has a wide and unique variety of objects than can be build in them. The locations for these objects are indicated by their hotspots while in building mode. In order to build an object, right-click the hotspot to open the Furniture Creation Menu and choose on of the available options.

The Furniture Creation Menu will show the Construction level requirement and the materials needed for all objects that can be build in that hotspot.

Besides having the Construction level and material requirements, players will also need to carry a hammer and saw in their inventory in order to build most objects. A filled watering can is needed to add plants to your gardens.

Materials[edit | edit source]

There are a bunch of materials needed for constructing your house. Most recipes contain one or more of these items that are often used in the Construction skill. When used in a recipe, these items will reward the player with a set amount of Construction experience. I.e. when construction an object with teak planks, this will always reward the player with 90 exp per plank.

Item Experience
Where to get it Cost per Exp [d 1]
Plank.png: Inventory image of PlankPlank & Nails.png: Inventory image of NailsNails 29 8.1 - 36.86
(Depending on nail quality)
Oak plank.png: Inventory image of Oak plankOak plank 60 6.72
Teak plank.png: Inventory image of Teak plankTeak plank 90 or 123 [d 2] 9.29 - 6.78 [d 2]
Mahogany plank.png: Inventory image of Mahogany plankMahogany plank 140 13.78
Soft clay.png: Inventory image of Soft claySoft clay 10 6.2
Bolt of cloth.png: Inventory image of Bolt of clothBolt of cloth 15 66.73
Steel bar.png: Inventory image of Steel barSteel bar 20 18.3
Limestone brick.png: Inventory image of Limestone brickLimestone brick 20 7.75
Gold leaf.png: Inventory image of Gold leafGold leaf 300 444.7
Marble block.png: Inventory image of Marble blockMarble block 450 722.94
Magic stone.png: Inventory image of Magic stoneMagic stone 1,000 976.88
  1. Assuming GE-prices.
  2. 2.0 2.1 When constructing the mounted mythical cape, the player will receive 123 exp per teak plank instead of 90 exp.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

Servants[edit | edit source]

Servants can be hired at the Servants' Guild, the very northeastern building in Ardougne. There are five different servants, which can perform various services. All servants are able to greet guests entering a players' home, but some will have different abilities, such as taking items to and from the bank or sawmill. The higher level servant a player has, the faster his or her service is, the better food he or she provides, and the more items he or she can carry to or from a bank or sawmill.

After using a servant's services seven times, the servant will ask the player to pay him or her. After using a servant's services eight times, the player is required to pay him or her or the servant will quit. A player can build a Servant's moneybag and put coins in it to automatically pay his or her servant.

A player must have at least two bedrooms with beds in them in order to hire a servant. A player may only have one servant at a time; if a player wants to hire a new servant, he or she must fire his or her current one first.

Servant Wages Level Food served [d 1] Services Items
Rick 500 20 Shrimp Bank 6
Maid 1,000 25 Stew Bank 10
Cook 3,000 30 Pineapple pizza Bank, Sawmill 16
Butler 5,000 40 Chocolate cake Bank, Sawmill 20
Demon butler 10,000 50 Curry Bank, Sawmill 26
  1. Served to visiting players, provided the player has a dining room with a table and a kitchen with the necessary supplies.

Temporary skill boosts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Temporary skill boost

A temporary skill boost is anything caused by an item or action that temporarily raises a player's level in one or more skills.

Cup of tea [d 1] Shelf (ConstructionConstruction icon.png level) Bonus
Cup of tea (clay).png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (clay)Cup of tea (clay) Wooden shelves 1 (6)
Wooden shelves 2 (12)
Oak shelves 1 (34)
Cup of tea (clay)#Milky.png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (clay)#MilkyCup of tea (clay, milky)
Cup of tea (white).png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (white)Cup of tea (white) Wooden shelves 3 (23)
Oak shelves 2 (45)
Teak shelves 1 (56)
Cup of tea (white)#Milky.png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (white)#MilkyCup of tea (white, milky)
Cup of tea (gold).png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (gold)Cup of tea (gold) Teak shelves 2 (67) +3
Cup of tea (gold)#Milky.png: Inventory image of Cup of tea (gold)#MilkyCup of tea (gold, milky)
Other items Notes
Crystal saw.png: Inventory image of Crystal sawCrystal saw [d 2] Obtained from the The Eyes of Glouphrie +3
Spicy stew.png: Inventory image of Spicy stewSpicy stew [d 3] Made by adding orange spice to stew -5 to +5
  1. Players can make a cup of tea in the kitchen of their player-owned house. The tier of the tea cup that was taken from the shelf will determine the potency of the skill boost.
  2. The crystal saw will only work with items that require a saw to build them (i.e. it will not work when building rooms, placing monsters, or growing plants.) It will also work simultaneously with bonuses from tea or Evil Dave's spicy stew, allowing for a maximum boost of +6 and +8 respectively to Construction.
  3. For the maximum effect in Evil Dave's stew, add the orange spice three times.

Phials for unnoting[edit | edit source]

Phials is an NPC located next to the Rimmington General Store in Rimmington who will un-note items for 5 coins per item.

Phials is commonly used by players training Construction due to his proximity to the Rimmington house portal. He is also useful for training Prayer on a gilded altar in a player-owned house.

Training methods[edit | edit source]

Main article: Construction training

Popular training methods include continiously constructing and removing the following items:

Constructed item Room
Materials Cost per Exp [d 1]
Crude wooden chair built.png Crude wooden chair Parlour
(Chair space)
1 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 58 8.1 - 36.86
(Depending on nail quality)
Wooden bookcase built.png Wooden bookcase Parlour
(Bookcase space)
4 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 115 4.19 - 33.2
(Depending on nail quality)
Oak chair built.png Oak chair Parlour
(Chair space)
19 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 120 13.9
Oak dining table built.png Oak dining table Dining room
(Table space)
22 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 240 6.72
Oak larder built.png Oak larder Kitchen
(Larder space)
33 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 480 6.72
Mythical cape (mounted) built.png Mythical cape (mounted) Quest Hall
(Guild trophy space)
47 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) [d 2] 370 6.78
Mahogany table built.png Mahogany table Dining room
(Table space)
52 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 840 13.78
Teak garden bench built.png Teak garden bench Superior Garden
(Seating space)
66 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 540 9.29
Oak door built.png Oak door Dungeon
(Door space)
74 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 600 6.72
  1. Assuming GE-prices. Additional costs of servants, unnoting at Phials and teleporting runes are not included.
  2. Completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest is also required.

Notable milestones[edit | edit source]

Room Level
Notable furniture Uses Cost
Costume Room 42 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 50,000 coins
Chapel 45 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 50,000 coins
Portal Chamber 50 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png)
  • Within a Portal Chamber, players can use their Magic skill to build portals that they and their guests can use to teleport to various locations around Gielinor.
  • The centrepiece is required for the house owner to direct the portals.
100,000 coins
Superior Garden 65 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png)
  • In this room players can plant a fairy ring (code diq) or spirit tree, allowing quick transportation, provided they have completed the quests required to use them.
  • Pools will restore certain stats, depending on the type of pool built.
75,000 coins
Portal Nexus 72 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png)
  • The portal nexus can be directed to teleport the player to multiple locations. The main advantage over the Portal Chamber is the ability to have all teleports combined into one portal.
  • Providing unlimited Xeric's talisman charges.
  • Providing unlimited Digsite pendant charges.
50,000 coins
Achievement Gallery 80 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png)
  • The altar allows players to switch spellbooks without having to travel to the overworld spellbook-switching altars.
  • The Adventure log allows players to show off some their achievements.
  • The Jewellery box can store various teleportation jewellery. Each box will provide unlimited teleports to locations provided by the enchanted jewellery.
  • The Boss lair display allows a player to build a fancy display showing off various bosses. In order to display a boss lair, players must have killed the boss at least once.
200,000 coins

City Level
Map Cost to move
Rimmington 1 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Rimmington.png 5,000 coins
Taverley 10 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Taverley.png 5,000 coins
Pollnivneach 20 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Pollnivneach.png 7,500 coins
Hosidius 25 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Hosidius.png 8,750 coins
Rellekka 30 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Rellekka.png 10,000 coins
Brimhaven 40 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Brimhaven.png 15,000 coins
Yanille 50 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) POH location - Yanille.png 25,000 coins

Item Room
Materials Teleport location
Amulet of Glory built.png Amulet of Glory (mounted) Quest Hall
(Guild trophy space)
42 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 290
  • Provides unlimited teleport charges to the destinations of the amulet of glory.
Teleport focus built.png Teleport focus Portal Chamber
(Centrepiece space)
50 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 40
  • In combination with a teak portal, players can choose one of 18 teleport destinations to set up for each portal in the room. This portal will give unlimited teleports to this location.
  • Each Portal Chamber gives space for three portals
Mounted xeric's talisman built.png Mounted xeric's talisman Portal Nexus
(Amulet space)
72 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 500
  • Players can right-click the Configure option to select which destination becomes the left-click option. These are the same destinations as the teleports for Xeric's talisman, but the mounted talisman has unlimited teleport charges.
Basic jewellery box built.png Basic jewellery box Achievement Gallery
(Jewellery box space)
81 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 605
Mounted digsite pendant built.png Mounted digsite pendant Portal Nexus
(Amulet space)
82 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 800
  • Players can right-click the Configure option to select which destination becomes the left-click option. These are the same destinations as the teleports for the Digsite pendant, but the mounted pendant has unlimited teleport charges.
Fancy jewellery box built.png Fancy jewellery box Achievement Gallery
(Jewellery box space)
86 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 1,350
Ornate jewellery box built.png Ornate jewellery box Achievement Gallery
(Jewellery box space)
91 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png) 2,680
Spiritual Fairy Tree.png Spirit tree & fairy ring Superior Garden
95 (ConstructionConstruction icon.png)
83 (FarmingFarming icon.png)

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Construction cape

Cape of accomplishment[edit | edit source]

A Construction cape is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Construction skill. It can be purchased for 99,000 coins alongside the Construct. hood from any Estate agent by players who have achieved skill mastery (level 99) in the Construction skill.

When the construction cape is equipped or in the inventory, it provides unlimited teleports to the player's own house and to the house portals located in Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Hosidius, Rellekka, Brimhaven, and Yanille.

STASH units[edit | edit source]

STASH units (short for "Store Things And Stuff Here"), also known as hidey holes, are storage units for emote clue items, saving bank space and bank trips for players who do Treasure Trails frequently.

There are 103 STASH units in total found throughout RuneScape. These locations are initially labelled as inconspicuous bushes/crates/holes/rocks, and, once built, become usable STASH units. Players can check which units they've already built/filled by visiting Watson and reading the noticeboard within his house.

The materials and level required to build these inconspicuous objects into STASH units depend on the tier of clue scroll they relate to. A hammer and a saw are required to build STASH units. All 10 nails must be made of the same metal.

A constructed STASH unit
STASH type ConstructionConstruction icon.png level to build Materials Number Experience Total Experience Total material cost
Beginner 12 2 planks, 10 nails 3 150 450 1,554
Easy 27 2 planks, 10 nails 29 150 4,350 15,022
Medium 42 2 oak planks, 10 nails 23 250 5,750 19,918
Hard 55 2 teak planks, 10 nails 15 400 6,000 25,980
Elite 77 2 mahogany planks, 10 nails 16 600 9,600 62,688
Master 88 2 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf, 10 nails 21 1,500 31,500 2,883,867
Total 104 57,200 3,009,029

Chambers of Xeric[edit | edit source]

The storage units in the Chambers of Xeric are created using the Construction skill, thus having a Construction level requirement: small storage unit (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 30), medium storage unit (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 60) and large storage unit (ConstructionConstruction icon.png 90).

Quests rewarding Construction experience[edit | edit source]

Quest Experience
Construction req. Other requirements
The Eyes of Glouphrie 250 5 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 46 MagicMagic icon.png, 45 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.png (Ironman chat badge.png)
Tower of Life 1,000 10 ConstructionConstruction icon.png -
Cold War 1,500 34 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 10 HunterHunter icon.png, 30 AgilityAgility icon.png, 30 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 15 ThievingThieving icon.png
Darkness of Hallowvale 2,000 5 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 26 AgilityAgility icon.png, 20 MiningMining icon.png, 22 ThievingThieving icon.png, 32 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 33 MagicMagic icon.png, 40 StrengthStrength icon.png
The Great Brain Robbery 2,000 30 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 16 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 50 PrayerPrayer icon.png
Making Friends with My Arm 2,000 35 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 66 FiremakingFiremaking icon.png, 72 MiningMining icon.png, 68 AgilityAgility icon.png
The Fremennik Isles 5,000 20 ConstructionConstruction icon.png 40 AgilityAgility icon.png, 56 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.png, 46 CraftingCrafting icon.png
Total 13,750

Skill choice[edit | edit source]

Upon completing any of the following quests, players may choose to allocate experience to Construction. These rewards usually come in the form of items, such as lamps or books, and are independent of any experience rewards directly received for completing the quest.

Quest Experience
Skills available Skill requirements
X Marks the Spot 300 Any -
Client of Kourend 500 twice Any -
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen 2,500 Any skill above 30 49 FarmingFarming icon.png, 57 HerbloreHerblore icon.png
A Tail of Two Cats 2,500 twice Any skill above 30 -
The Great Brain Robbery 5,000 Any skill above 30 16 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 30 ConstructionConstruction icon.png, 50 PrayerPrayer icon.png
King's Ransom 5,000 Any skill above 50 65 DefenceDefence icon.png
Darkness of Hallowvale 2,000 three times Any skill above 30 5 ConstructionConstruction icon.png, 20 MiningMining icon.png, 22 ThievingThieving icon.png, 32 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 33 MagicMagic icon.png, 40 StrengthStrength icon.png
A Taste of Hope 2,500 Any skill above 35 48 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 45 AgilityAgility icon.png, 40 AttackAttack icon.png, 40 HerbloreHerblore icon.png, 38 SlayerSlayer icon.png
Architectural Alliance
10,000 Any skill above 40 -
Curse of the Empty Lord
10,000 Any skill above 50 Some players will need 31 PrayerPrayer icon.png
One Small Favour 10,000 twice Any skill above 30 36 AgilityAgility icon.png, 25 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 18 HerbloreHerblore icon.png, 30 SmithingSmithing icon.png
Recipe for Disaster
(The final battle)
20,000 Any skill above 50 175 QuestQuest point icon.png, 48 AgilityAgility icon.png, 50 MiningMining icon.png, 53 FishingFishing icon.png, 53 ThievingThieving icon.png, 25 HerbloreHerblore icon.png, 59 MagicMagic icon.png, 40 SmithingSmithing icon.png, 50 FiremakingFiremaking icon.png, 40 RangedRanged icon.png, 40 CraftingCrafting icon.png, 10 FletchingFletching icon.png, 10 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 36 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.png
Total 84,800

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 March 2013
Player-Owned Houses are now accessible enabling the proper training of Construction.
22 February 2013
Player owned Housing and the Construction skill have been temporarily disabled.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The watch, sextant and chart cannot be used in your house, trying to use it will give the message: "The sextant doesn't seem to work here".
  • In RuneScape Classic, there was briefly a skill that had no use called Carpentry. The skill today of Construction was an updated version of this unused skill.

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