Cooked chicken (undead)

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Cooked chicken (undead) detail.png

Cooked chicken is food made by cooking a raw chicken (undead) on a range or fire, requiring 1 Cooking and yielding 30 Cooking experience.

Despite cooked undead chicken's appearance, it is safe to eat and heals 1 Hitpoints.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Cooking Cooking130
Member icon.png
Ticks1 (0.6s) [r 1]
ToolsNoneFacilitiesCooking range icon.png Cooking range
Raw chicken (undead).pngRaw chicken (undead)1N/A
Total Cost0
Cooked chicken (undead).pngCooked chicken (undead)1N/A
  1. Increases to 4 with the use of the Make-X functionality.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When cooking raw chicken (undead), the player receives the message "The undead chicken is now cooked, but it may not be good to eat." However, it is perfectly safe to eat.