Corporeal Beast

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Corporeal Beast
Corporeal Beast.png
Released16 October 2014 (Update)
Also calledCorp
Combat level785
ExamineA vision of supernatural horror.
Combat info
XP bonus+55%
Max hit33 (Melee)
65 (Magic)
51 (Stomp)
Attack styleCrush, Magic
Attack speedMonster attack speed 4.png
Respawn time50 ticks (30 seconds)
Combat icon.png Combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Attack icon.png Aggressive stats
Monster attack bonusMonster strength bonusMagic icon.pngMonster magic strength bonusRanged icon.pngMonster ranged strength bonus
Defence icon.png Defensive stats
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
CannonsNot immune
ThrallsNot immune
Advanced data
Monster ID319
The location of the Corporeal Beast's lair.

The Corporeal Beast, often referred to simply as Corp, is a large monster residing in its cave, accessible via a games necklace or through an entrance in level 21 Wilderness east of the Graveyard of Shadows. It has a very large health pool of 2,000 Hitpoints, coupled with high Defence and 50% damage reduction against most weapons; only spears and halberds (on stab attack style), Osmumten's fang and magic deal full damage. If all players leave the room, its Hitpoints regenerate at a rapid rate.

The Corporeal Beast is the only monster to drop the spirit shield, as well as the holy elixir and arcane, elysian, and spectral sigils, used to enhance it. In addition to its sigil drops, the Corporeal Beast has many other valuable drops.

Players can pay 200,000 coins to open a group instance for their clan.

Location[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Corporeal Beast's Lair (east of the Graveyard of Shadows or Games Necklace teleport)785Member icon.png1Maplink
Corporeal Beast's Lair (Ironman only)785Member icon.png1Maplink

Fight overview[edit | edit source]

The lair of the Corporeal Beast is located in level 21 Wilderness, although players can teleport directly there using a games necklace. This will take the player to a small safe room with a large doorway to Corporeal Beast.

Ironmen with a combat level of 90 or higher have a separated Corporeal Beast room. All other accounts use the normal room. This is to reduce griefing and ironmen using normal accounts to use stat-reducing special attacks.

A group of players fighting the Corporeal Beast.

The Corporeal Beast has a 50% damage reduction against any weapon that is not a spear, halberd, or Osmumten's fang on stab attack style. Although magic also deals full damage, it is highly inaccurate against the beast. Protect from Magic does not fully block its magic attacks; it only reduces the damage by 33.33%. The Corporeal Beast has very high accuracy, damage, and Defence.

While fighting the Corporeal Beast, there is a chance that the dark energy core will spawn. This creature leeches Hitpoints from any players adjacent to it to heal the Corporeal Beast, and jumps to players if none are adjacent.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Drop rates estimated based on 434,422 samples from the Drop Rate Project, unless otherwise cited.

The average Corporeal Beast kill, including its unique drops, is estimated to be worth around 423,485.00. Without the sigils, this value is estimated to be 126,013.00.

Sigils[edit | edit source]

There is a 1/585 chance of hitting the sigil drop table. When players hit the table, there is a 1/7 chance of obtaining an elysian sigil, a 3/7 chance of a spectral sigil and a 3/7 chance of an arcane sigil.[1] Below lists the effective drop rates of the sigils.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Spectral sigil.png: Corporeal Beast drops Spectral sigil with rarity 1/1,365 in quantity 1Spectral sigil11/1,36554,972,601450,000
Arcane sigil.png: Corporeal Beast drops Arcane sigil with rarity 1/1,365 in quantity 1Arcane sigil11/1,365116,979,667450,000
Elysian sigil.png: Corporeal Beast drops Elysian sigil with rarity 1/4,095 in quantity 1Elysian sigil11/4,095702,288,581450,000

Weapons and armour[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Mystic robe top.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic robe top with rarity 18/512 in quantity 1Mystic robe top118/51272,89572,000
Mystic robe bottom.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic robe bottom with rarity 18/512 in quantity 1Mystic robe bottom118/51248,53648,000
Mystic air staff.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic air staff with rarity 12/512 in quantity 1Mystic air staff112/51225,33125,500
Mystic water staff.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic water staff with rarity 12/512 in quantity 1Mystic water staff112/51225,23725,500
Mystic earth staff.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic earth staff with rarity 12/512 in quantity 1Mystic earth staff112/51225,28125,500
Mystic fire staff.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mystic fire staff with rarity 12/512 in quantity 1Mystic fire staff112/51225,24625,500
Spirit shield.png: Corporeal Beast drops Spirit shield with rarity 8/512 in quantity 1Spirit shield18/512[2]102,15942,000

Runes and ammunition[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Soul rune.png: Corporeal Beast drops Soul rune with rarity 32/512 in quantity 250Soul rune25032/51251,00045,000
Runite bolts.png: Corporeal Beast drops Runite bolts with rarity 24/512 in quantity 250Runite bolts25024/51258,00045,000
Death rune.png: Corporeal Beast drops Death rune with rarity 22/512 in quantity 300Death rune30022/51248,90032,400
Onyx bolts (e).png: Corporeal Beast drops Onyx bolts (e) with rarity 20/512 in quantity 175Onyx bolts (e)17520/512[2]1,522,6751,575,000
Cannonball.png: Corporeal Beast drops Cannonball with rarity 17/512 in quantity 2000Cannonball2,00017/512318,0006,000
Adamant arrow.png: Corporeal Beast drops Adamant arrow with rarity 17/512 in quantity 750Adamant arrow75017/51210,50036,000
Law rune.png: Corporeal Beast drops Law rune with rarity 17/512 in quantity 250Law rune25017/51230,50036,000
Cosmic rune.png: Corporeal Beast drops Cosmic rune with rarity 17/512 in quantity 500Cosmic rune50017/51243,00015,000

Resources[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Raw shark.png: Corporeal Beast drops Raw shark with rarity 21/512 in quantity 70 (noted)Raw shark70 (noted)21/51232,2007,140
Pure essence.png: Corporeal Beast drops Pure essence with rarity 21/512 in quantity 2500 (noted)Pure essence2,500 (noted)21/5125,0005,000
Adamantite bar.png: Corporeal Beast drops Adamantite bar with rarity 18/512 in quantity 35 (noted)Adamantite bar35 (noted)18/51268,46013,440
Green dragonhide.png: Corporeal Beast drops Green dragonhide with rarity 18/512 in quantity 100 (noted)Green dragonhide100 (noted)18/512137,2008,100
Adamantite ore.png: Corporeal Beast drops Adamantite ore with rarity 17/512 in quantity 125 (noted)Adamantite ore125 (noted)17/512145,62530,000
Runite ore.png: Corporeal Beast drops Runite ore with rarity 12/512 in quantity 20 (noted)Runite ore20 (noted)12/512224,98038,400
Teak plank.png: Corporeal Beast drops Teak plank with rarity 12/512 in quantity 100 (noted)Teak plank100 (noted)12/51282,00030,000
Mahogany logs.png: Corporeal Beast drops Mahogany logs with rarity 12/512 in quantity 150 (noted)Mahogany logs150 (noted)12/51253,5504,500
Magic logs.png: Corporeal Beast drops Magic logs with rarity 12/512 in quantity 75 (noted)Magic logs75 (noted)12/51273,57514,400

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Tuna potato.png: Corporeal Beast drops Tuna potato with rarity 20/512 in quantity 30Tuna potato3020/51234,1102,010
White berries.png: Corporeal Beast drops White berries with rarity 17/512 in quantity 120 (noted)White berries120 (noted)17/51233,000720
Desert goat horn.png: Corporeal Beast drops Desert goat horn with rarity 17/512 in quantity 120 (noted)Desert goat horn120 (noted)17/5125,640840
Watermelon seed.png: Corporeal Beast drops Watermelon seed with rarity 15/512 in quantity 24Watermelon seed2415/512[2]360792
Coins_10000.png: Corporeal Beast drops Coins with rarity 12/512 in quantity 20000-50000Coins20,000–50,00012/51220,000–50,00020,000–50,000
Antidote++(4).png: Corporeal Beast drops Antidote++(4) with rarity 10/512 in quantity 40 (noted)Antidote++(4)40 (noted)10/512204,9608,640
Ranarr seed.png: Corporeal Beast drops Ranarr seed with rarity 5/512 in quantity 10Ranarr seed105/512238,270300
Holy elixir.png: Corporeal Beast drops Holy elixir with rarity 3/512 in quantity 1Holy elixir13/512[2]599,275450,000

Gem drop table[edit | edit source]

There is a 12/512 chance of rolling the gem drop table, whereupon its contents are rolled 10 times.[2]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
This does not exist.NothingN/A1/85.49; Never[d 1]N/AN/A
Uncut sapphire.png: Corporeal Beast drops Uncut sapphire with rarity 1/170.67 in quantity 1Uncut sapphire11/170.67; 1/86.67[d 2]29815
Uncut emerald.png: Corporeal Beast drops Uncut emerald with rarity 1/341.33 in quantity 1Uncut emerald11/341.33; 1/173.33[d 2]56530
Uncut ruby.png: Corporeal Beast drops Uncut ruby with rarity 1/682.67 in quantity 1Uncut ruby11/682.67; 1/346.67[d 2]1,10460
Nature talisman.png: Corporeal Beast drops Nature talisman with rarity 1/1,820.44 in quantity 1Nature talisman11/1,820.44; 1/924.44[d 2]1612
Uncut diamond.png: Corporeal Beast drops Uncut diamond with rarity 1/2,730.67 in quantity 1Uncut diamond11/2,730.67; 1/1,386.67[d 2]2,703120
Loop half of key.png: Corporeal Beast drops Loop half of key with rarity 1/5,461.33 in quantity 1Loop half of key11/5,461.33; 1/2,773.33[d 2]10,62060
Tooth half of key.png: Corporeal Beast drops Tooth half of key with rarity 1/5,461.33 in quantity 1Tooth half of key11/5,461.33; 1/2,773.33[d 2]10,84460
Rune javelin.png: Corporeal Beast drops Rune javelin with rarity 1/5,461.33 in quantity 5Rune javelin51/5,461.33; 1/2,773.33[d 2]8001,200
Rune spear.png: Corporeal Beast drops Rune spear with rarity 1/87,381.33 in quantity 1Rune spear11/87,381.33; 1/5,200[d 2][d 3]12,01112,480
Shield left half.png: Corporeal Beast drops Shield left half with rarity 1/174,762.67 in quantity 1Shield left half11/174,762.67; 1/10,400[d 2][d 3]65,63966,000
Dragon spear.png: Corporeal Beast drops Dragon spear with rarity 1/233,016.89 in quantity 1Dragon spear11/233,016.89; 1/13,866.67[d 2][d 3]44,49137,440
  1. ^ The "nothing" drop is removed while wearing a ring of wealth.
  2. ^ 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 The drop rate is increased while wearing a ring of wealth due to the "nothing" drop being removed.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 3.2 Only dropped if Legends' Quest has been finished; if not, a talisman is dropped instead.

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Clue scroll (elite).png: Corporeal Beast drops Clue scroll (elite) with rarity 1/200 in quantity 1Clue scroll (elite)11/200[d 1][3]Not sold12
Jar of spirits.png: Corporeal Beast drops Jar of spirits with rarity 1/1,000 in quantity 1Jar of spirits11/1,000115,1650
Pet dark core.png: Corporeal Beast drops Pet dark core with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1Pet dark core11/5,000[2]Not soldN/A
  1. ^ The elite clue scroll drop rate increases to 1/190 with the completion of the elite combat achievements.

Combat Achievements[edit | edit source]

Chicken KillerKill the Corporeal Beast solo.RestrictionElite
Finding the Weak SpotFinish off the Corporeal Beast with a Crystal Halberd special attack.RestrictionElite
Corporeal Beast VeteranKill the Corporeal Beast 25 times.Kill CountElite
Hot on Your FeetKill the Corporeal Beast without anyone killing the dark core or taking damage from the dark core.PerfectionElite
Corporeal Beast MasterKill the Corporeal Beast 50 times.Kill CountMaster

Historical[edit | edit source]

The Corporeal Beast was originally released on 15 September 2008 in RuneScape. However, there are several differences between the iteration of this boss in Old School RuneScape and the original in RuneScape.

  • It could only be fought after completing the quest Summer's End. As the quests involving it are not present, no lore exists for the Corporeal Beast in Old School.
  • The Corporeal Beast's lair was much larger, although it only resided in the last room. The entrance to the lair was also 14 Wilderness levels deeper than the one in-game.
  • The original Corporeal Beast could drop a divine sigil, which could be used to create a divine spirit shield. Its effect was a constant 30% damage reduction per attack received, with 50% of that blocked damage instead drained from prayer points.
    • The divine sigil's addition to Old School RuneScape has been polled twice, on 18 September 2014 and 15 February 2019, failing to reach the 75% threshold of passing at 66.1% and 72.8% respectively.
  • The original Corporeal Beast could drop the regen bracelet.
  • The original Corporeal Beast was fought slightly differently by players. It boasted a higher maximum hit with melee of 51 instead of 33, as well as being vulnerable to poison. However, it would very quickly remove its poison unlike other monsters vulnerable to poison.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
21 September 2022

The Corporeal Beast's 'drain' attack will no longer hit players after they leave its lair.

27 April 2022

The damage cap of 50 for halberds and spears has been removed.

7 July 2021

The previously implemented healing mechanic when no one is in the boss room was tweaked to be slightly more rapid, to prevent only using crystal halberd special attacks to kill the boss being the most efficient solo method.

30 June 2021
(update | poll)

The Corporeal Beast will now heal 25 hitpoints every 7 game ticks (4.2 seconds) when no players are fighting it, and fully heals if no one has attacked it for three minutes.

17 March 2021

The Corporeal Beast's reset timer has been reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes to make finding an open world easier.

17 March 2021
  • The additional hitpoint regeneration when attacked by large groups scales from a lower base level
  • Iron players are no longer awarded loot if the Corporeal Beast has attacked another player
  • The Corporeal Beast resets 10 minutes after last attacking or being attacked
17 March 2021
(update | poll)

The Corporeal Beast can now drop the jar of spirits.

14 January 2019

The Dragon hasta no longer deals full damage to the Corporeal Beast. [4]

29 March 2018

Ironmen with a combat level of 90 or higher now have their separate Corporeal Beast room to reduce griefing and using other accounts to aid in killing it.

16 February 2017
(update | poll)

The entrance room before the boss lair was made considerably smaller to reduce the chance of a loading screen taking place when running to the boss.

8 October 2015
(update | poll)

The combat level requirement of 90 to enter the lair was removed.

25 June 2015
(update | poll)

Added a 'peek' option to the entrance of this boss, allowing players to see the number of other players currently in the boss room.

20 November 2014
(update | poll)

Players can now pay 200,000 coins to open an instance for their clan.

17 October 2014

Upon dying in the cave your loot (including untradeables) will not appear to anyone else. Loot will appear to the player for two minutes. This was later made consistent with death mechanics elsewhere in the game. Additionally, a level 90 combat requirement was added to go through the passage to fight the Corporeal Beast.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though not explained in Old School RuneScape, the boss's name originates from the Summer's End quest in RuneScape: as the Spirit Beast was defeated in the Spirit Realm, a mirrored version of Gielinor where everything is opposite to the physical world and vice versa, the Corporeal Beast was incarnated in the physical world to replace the Spirit Beast in the spiritual world.
  • The magic area-of-effect attack the Corporeal Beast uses was originally named [corp_sperm_splash] in the game's code, though it was renamed to [corp_magic_splash] on 28 October 2020.[5]
  • Pets cannot be brought into the Corporeal Beast's lair. Attempting to enter the cave while having one following the player will cause a message to appear in the chatbox, stating Your follower hides in fear and refuses to enter the cave. If the player attempts to drop their pet while inside, the chatbox will instead state Your follower hides in fear and won't come out.
Predecessor Title Successor
TzTok-Jad Strongest monster in RuneScape Great Olm

References[edit | edit source]

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