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The Corpse Cart, as it's name suggests, appears to be a covered, wheeled cart filled to the brim with corpses. Several Corpse Carts can be found throughout the city of Darkmeyer. Interestingly, the cart can be searched by the player to obtain a Severed leg. If the player tries to obtain multiple Severed legs by searching the cart again, they will instead say "I probably shouldn't take any more of these." Although, the player can obtain additional Severed legs by dropping them on the ground and searching the cart again. There are 5 different carts scattered across the city. There appears to be no difference between the carts other than location, and no further use for them other than the acquisition of the Severed legs as a fun weapon.

A Corpse Cart found within Darkmeyer.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations of all Corpse Carts that can be found in Darkmeyer.
  1. South of the entrance to the Hallowed Sepulchre.
  2. Northeast of the Darkmeyer Meat Shop.
  3. Northwest of the Bank, next to the stairs near the tailor shop.
  4. Southeast of the teleport location into Darkmeyer, along the southern wall of the city.
  5. Southwest of the Altar, near the teleport location into Darkmeyer.