Corrupted Warrior

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Corrupted Warrior is a master combat achievement which requires the player to kill the Corrupted Hunllef with a full set of perfected corrupted armour equipped.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The following materials are required for a full set of perfected armour:

An extra 160 shards are needed for two attuned/perfected weapons, 40 shards for two egniol potions, and 40-80 shards for one or two extra teleport crystals. This makes for a total of 780-820 shards needed.

In order to maximise efficiency during the preparation phase, the player can use the following tactics:

  • Avoid moving through previously explored rooms.
  • Do not make two perfected weapons.
  • Do not collect more than 8 fish. With a full set of perfected armour, very little food is needed for the fight.
  • Attack creatures while moving or collecting resources.
  • Make the most out of each teleport crystal by dropping tools and collecting as many items as possible per trip. When getting the tools again for the next run, do not select each individually but rather choose option 6 in the Tool Storage and drop the unneeded tools while moving.
  • Restart the run if you do not obtain a weapon frame from the rooms next to the starting position.