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A player wearing the corrupted armour set
Corrupted helm chathead.png

Corrupted armour is a set of members-only Melee armour introduced during the Christmas corrupt cluefest. It can be obtained by bringing a certain set of items to certain NPCs. Acquiring the armour pieces will consume the items required when talking to each NPC, for a total cost of 889 coins.

Corrupted armour requires 1 Defence to wield and offers stats equivalent to iron armour.

If players were to lose the armour or have missed the event, they can still be reclaimed by bringing the required items to the appropriate NPCs.

Items required[edit | edit source]

Item Items needed NPC Location
Corrupted helm.png Helm Bowl of hot water, soft clay, and leather boots Abbot Langley Edgeville Monastery
Corrupted platebody.png Platebody Pestle and mortar, air rune Horvik Varrock
Corrupted platelegs.png Platelegs Acorn and bones Louie Legs Al Kharid
Corrupted plateskirt.png Plateskirt
Corrupted kiteshield.png Kiteshield Vial, oak logs Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight Seers' Village

Components and bonuses[edit | edit source]

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Stab attackSlash attackCrush attackMagic attackRanged attackStab defenceSlash defenceCrush defenceMagic defenceRanged defenceMelee strengthMagic damageRanged strengthPrayer bonusWeight
Corrupted helmCorrupted helm000-6-3675-1600%002.7
Corrupted kiteshieldCorrupted kiteshield000-8-38109-1900%005.4
Corrupted platebodyCorrupted platebody000-30-15212012-62000%0010.0
Corrupted platelegsCorrupted platelegs000-21-11111010-41000%009.1
Corrupted plateskirtCorrupted plateskirt000-21-11111010-41000%008.2

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Corrupted armour resembles a transparent version of the original concept for Rune armour. Rune armour's original colour was purple when first developed but was later changed to teal.
  • The corrupted platebody was discovered prior to the clue being released.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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