Corruption (status)

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Corruption is a temporary status effect that causes the player to lose a set amount of prayer points over a short time. Players who are corrupted will lose one prayer point after six seconds, two after an additional six seconds, and three after a final six seconds. Over the course of the corruption, players will lose six prayer points after eighteen seconds. Players under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell will cause corruption to occur twice as often.

Corruption is inflicted upon another player by casting corruption spells on oneself, which then provides a chance to inflict it with the player's next successful attack. Lesser Corruption provides a 33% chance, while Greater Corruption provides a 66% chance. Players can cast Ward of Arceuus to become temporarily immune to corruption, or to nullify its effect post-corruption.

When a target is corrupted, a message in the chatbox appears for both the caster and target indicating that the target has been successfully corrupted, and a number appears with a hitsplat (Corruption hitsplat.png), indicating the amount of prayer points that has been drained from the player.

If a player with corruption spells active attacks an opposing player with Ward of Arceuus active, the attacker's corruption spells will remain active until the target's Ward expires, after which the next successful attack post-expiration will roll the chance for corruption.