Councillor Orson

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Councillor Liam Orson was a member of the Kourend Council that governs Great Kourend. During A Kingdom Divided, it is revealed that alongside the other members of the Kourend Council, he conspired to kill King Kharedst IV and his daughter Crown Princess Rose with the Xerician mage Xamphur.

Unlike the other councillors, he is remorseful for his actions, which he viewed as necessary to assure the safety of the kingdom. He made trips to a small shack in the Kebos Lowlands where he secretly takes care of a comatose Rose. However, after the player and Commander Fullore discover the state Rose is in, decide to euthanise her, much to Orson's anger.

Shortly after Rose's burial, he was imprisoned in Xeric's Lookout, but somehow escaped and was found dead outside the Lookout.