Court judge

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Court judge
Court judge.png
Released24 July 2007 (Update)
LocationCourthouse in Seers' Village
QuestKing's Ransom
ExamineDon't fancy your chances.
Advanced data
NPC ID4333
Court judge chathead.png

The Court judge is a character involved in the King's Ransom quest. The judge presides over cases held at the Seers' Village Courthouse, which was built following the movement of the Seers' Village Party Room to north-east Falador.

During the King's Ransom quest, players must convince the judge and the local jury that Anna Sinclair is innocent of the murder of her father, Lord Sinclair. The judge oversees the player as they rebut the evidence given by the prosecutor and helps to manage the proceedings during the trial. Provided the player rebuts the evidence properly, the jury will declare Anna innocent and the Judge will provide her with a non-guilty verdict.