Crash Site Cavern

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The Crash Site Cavern is a cave located north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is visited during Monkey Madness II, where the final battle is fought. It remains accessible after completing the quest, where it is inhabited by tortured and demonic gorillas, which drop the components used to create the light and heavy ballista, as well as zenyte shards used to create zenyte jewellery.

The caverns have both single and multi-way combat zones. The single way area has both demonic and tortured gorillas wandering around. Just east of the rope is a small set of carved staircases that leads to another group of tortured gorillas, and at the end of this path is a large chamber filled with demonic gorillas; this is a single-way combat zone.

Continuing along the path will lead to five chambers with three to four demonic gorillas in each chamber. Going past the archway will take players into a multi-way combat zone. Drops are broadcasted in a small range around the killed gorilla in this area.

The entrance to the Crash Site Cavern. The crate in front of the player can be searched to receive an equippable monkey.