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This article is about the scenery object found scattered around Gielinor. For other uses, see Crate (disambiguation).

Crates can be found in many buildings in RuneScape. Crates serve almost no purpose, apart from being used during some Treasure Trails. Clues for Treasure Trails are often hidden inside of them. For example, a clue might say something such as "Search the crate in a house in Varrock." Crates are also used in a few quests.

Strangely, crates cannot be shot over using ranged or magic.

Crates have a "search" option. Formerly, when searched, crates would give random items, such as damaged armour, broken arrows, broken staffs, broken glass, leather boots, leather gloves, and small amounts of coins. Now searching crates does not have a purpose.

Crates can be found in nearly every city, town, or village in RuneScape. Some areas with a particularly large number of crates include:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player is in Karamja, they can pack bananas into a crate next to Luthas's house. This is the only crate in RuneScape a player may pack things into.
  • In Death to the Dorgeshuun, the player must pick up the crate Zanik was hiding in. A player could walk around holding the Crate with zanik, creating an awkward walking posture
  • In Gertrude's Cat you need to find a kitten in a crate in Varrock lumberyard.
  • In the Witch's House in Taverley, a player can search a crate in her cellar and find cabbages, needles, leather items, thread, etc.
  • In the Abandoned Mine of Morytania there exists "crates" with a lower case 'c'. These can be found floating in the swamped area around the lift on Level 5.
  • In Canifis there is a crate in the bank that after searching for a while, will spawn either a rat, chicken or spider. It will also make any other NPCs in there (excluding bankers) attack you. Crates which spawn the same monsters can be found in the goblin cave on the outskirts of Hemenster.
  • On the Seers' Village rooftop agility course, there is a crate that, when examined, gives the text "It's not doing anything wrong... Stop bullying it!" When a player searches this crate, the game gives the message "You search the crate.... ...and find plenty of valuables, but decide to leave it alone; they're not yours."