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This article is about the item. For the monster, see Crawling Hand.
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A crawling hand is a rare drop from Crawling Hands, requiring 5 Slayer to kill.

Before it can be mounted in a Skill Hall within a player-owned house, it must be stuffed by the Taxidermist in Canifis, where she will charge 1,000 coins and return a stuffed crawling hand to the player. They can then mount the hand using 2 teak planks. When players take it to the Taxidermist, she will tell the player "That's a very fine crawling hand."

The hand can also be sacrificed to the Dark Altar north of Arceuus, granting 2,500 Prayer experience. This does not require any favour.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Crawling Hand8; 12 Multicombat.png1Rare(1/500)
Crushing hand45 Multicombat.png1Rare(1/500)