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Crazed scribbles, or The Diary of Randas, is a book written by Randas, found in the Grand Library in Prifddinas.

Prior to obtaining it from the Grand Library, it can only be read by talking to Koftik at the bridge at the beginning of the Underground Pass during the Underground Pass quest.

If lost, it can be reclaimed from any bookshelf in the Grand Library, or from a bookcase within a player-owned house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The Diary of Randas.

It began as a whisper in my ears. Dismissing the sounds as the whistling of the wind, I steeled myself against these forces, and continued on my way.

But the whispers became moans...

At once fearsome and enticing like the call of some beautiful siren.

Join us!

Our greatness lies within you, but only Zamorak can unlock your potential...