Creature of Fenkenstrain

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Creature of Fenkenstrain (#69)
Creature of Fenkenstrain.png
Released 31 January 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Official difficulty Intermediate
Lead developer(s) Martin B

Creature of Fenkenstrain is a quest where you become the assistant of Dr Fenkenstrain and slowly uncover the history of his castle: the Lordship of the North Coast.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointMinimap icon Read the signpost in the middle of Canifis. Show on map
Official difficultyIntermediate
DescriptionDr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the north-east of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him. Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain complete his twisted purpose?
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat
Ironman concerns

Please note that if you are just looking to gain entrance to the Experiment cave, you do not need any of the items listed above, beyond any combat equipment you may want. Rather than following the walkthrough, skip to the "Arms, legs, and torso" section. Make sure you speak to Dr Fenkenstrain first. The star amulet can be obtained as soon as you start the quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The start point.

To start the quest, read the signpost located in Canifis (Grab or use Telekinetic Grab on the pickled brain in the pub next to the signpost while in Canifis to save a trip; see Brain section below). Then, go to Fenkenstrain's Castle. Talk to Dr Fenkenstrain and a job interview will commence. When asked to describe yourself in one word, answer "braindead" and that your best skill is "grave-digging".

Dr Fenkenstrain hires you and you will receive a mission to retrieve 5 body parts in any order:

Before leaving the castle prepare for the next sections to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth. First, go upstairs and search the East and West bookcases to retrieve books 'The Joy of Grave Digging' and 'Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques', combine the amulet pieces. Then go downstairs and talk to the headless Gardener Ghost, asking what happened to his head.

Head[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Ghostspeak amulet, spade. (Armour, food, and a holy symbol is recommended for protection against Feral Vampyres and leeches.)
Gardener Ghost's grave location.
Digging the grave.

Wear your ghostspeak amulet and talk to the headless Gardener Ghost located in the back of the castle. Ask him his name first, and he will tell you his name is Ed Lestwit. You will need to know this in order to identify his grave.

Next, ask him what happened to his head, and he will explain that it got chopped off while he was digging a grave in the Haunted Woods. You will then ask him to show you where the place was, and he will follow you for ten minutes.

You can talk to him while in the woods and he will direct you toward his grave. The gardener ghost will stop following you if you wander too far off, log out, teleport, or die. Note: you do not need the ghost to be following you in order to find and dig at his grave.

Head to the grave pictured. It's located slightly south-east of fairy ring ALQ. Make sure the grave's name matches the ghost's, and dig by right-clicking the grave. You will receive a decapitated head.

Brain (skip if have pickled brain)[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 50 coins or runes for Telekinetic Grab.

Go to the Hair of the Dog bar in the southern part of Canifis. Either talk to Roavar, the bartender, and buy a pickled brain for 50 coins (by trying to grab the Pickled brain from the table) or use Telekinetic Grab on the brain that is on the table near the counter. Use the brain on the decapitated head.

Note: If you die after digging up the head but before using it on the pickled brain you must obtain a new pickled brain and then dig at the same grave again.

Arms, legs and torso[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Spade
Items recommended: some armour, food, weapon.
The location of the memorial.
The star amulet.

Upstairs in Fenkenstrain's Castle, there are bookcases in both the west and the east rooms. Search the west bookcase for "The Joy of Grave Digging" and you will find a marble amulet. Search the east bookcase for "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques" and you will find an obsidian amulet. Use them on each other to get a star amulet. Exit Fenkenstrain's Castle, and go east along the path to find some tombstones. Use the star amulet on the furthest tombstone to the east with the indent on it and push it to enter a dungeon that contains level 25 and 51 Experiments. Kill a level 51 wolf-woman Experiment to get a cavern key.

Note: If you have started Rag and Bone Man II, you may wish to kill the level 25 experiments here until you receive an Experiment bone.

Once you have the cavern key go through the north-west passage until you reach a gate. Go up the ladder, then dig at the three graves to the north and you get legs, arms, and a torso.

Lightning[edit | edit source]

The body after all that trouble.

Push the memorial you came out of, and retrace your steps through the cavern. Exit the cavern and follow the path west until you reach Fenkenstrain's Castle.

If you haven't already, use the pickled brain on the decapitated head, and give the body parts to Fenkenstrain. He will ask you for a needle and five spools of thread to sew the body together. Give them to him to receive yet another assignment. Fenkenstrain notes having a complete body, but with no life within it.

Cleaning the Fireplace.

You now need to fix the lightning rod so that the castle will get struck by lightning, bringing the monster to life. Ask the Gardener Ghost for the shed key. (Notice on some occasions, the ghost doesn't reappear after leading him to the grave near the Haunted Woods. Re-logging will fix this issue.) The shed is found at the very north end of the castle. Go inside and search the cupboard for the garden brush. Take three of the garden canes just east of the shed and use them on the brush with the bronze wire in your inventory, (you will need 20 Crafting to do this and the bronze wire will be used up to tie the canes to the brush). This will create an extended brush, making it suitable for chimney sweeping. Go back inside, take the staircase to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] and use it on the fireplace in the west room to get a conductor mould. Make sure you use it on the "fireplace" and not the "fireplace surround."

Once you have the mould, you need to go to a furnace with a silver bar in your inventory. Use the silver bar and the conductor mould on a furnace to make the conductor (via the 'make lightning rod' option).

Note: On some occasions, you will be unable to make the conductor. Re-logging will fix this issue. In some cases you have to talk to the gardener to get the option to make the conductor in the furnace. The nearest furnace is in Port Phasmatys (2 ecto-tokens needed to enter, free if Ghosts Ahoy has been completed). Alternatively, one could teleport to Falador or Lumbridge to use a furnace, or use the fairy ring (code ALQ) south of the Haunted Woods to teleport to Zanaris, and use the furnace directly north of the fairy ring. To return, one could use an ectophial, Varrock teleport, or use the fairy ring.
The conductor is repaired.

Go back to Fenkenstrain's Castle; take the stairs on either the eastern or western side of the castle up to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], walk to the room furthest south, and climb the ladder to the roof. Click on the lightning conductor to fix it. Lightning will instantly strike and the monster comes to life!

Lord Rologarth[edit | edit source]

Talk to Dr Fenkenstrain again. He will tell you that the monster tried to kill him, so he locked it in the tower. He will give you the tower key and tell you to kill the monster. Go upstairs again, and enter the central room of the upstairs section, climb the ladder, and talk to Fenkenstrain's monster.

It's alive! ...and it talks!

The monster will introduce himself as Lord Rologarth. He will tell you the true story of how Fenkenstrain tricked him into selling all of his subjects and himself to the vampyres, and ask you to stop him from doing anything more. Go back downstairs and pickpocket Fenkenstrain to obtain the ring of charos.

Note: The quest may be completed all the way to this point without having the proper level, but in order to pickpocket Dr Fenkenstrain, you must have 25 thieving.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Creature of Fenkenstrain reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain is required for the following:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although not necessary for the completion of this quest, you can find a letter when winding the clock upstairs in Fenkenstrain's Castle. This letter, written by Lord Rologarth (the true owner of the castle), reveals the dark story of Dr Fenkenstrain's past.
  • The grave examine reveals a bit of funny wordplay regarding the unlucky gardener's name, "Here lies Ed Lestwit". Roughly pronounced Headless Twit.
  • The quest is based heavily on the concept of the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
  • Dr Fenkenstrain's examine text Dr Fenkenstrain, I presume is likely a reference to the famous quote Dr Livingstone I presume.
  • After the quest Dr Fenkenstrain's note on the signpost in Canifis is replaced by a new note just saying "AAARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!"
  • Based on the body parts that were exhumed, you can calculate the average weight of an NPC to be around 35kg.
  • The book "The Joy of Grave Digging" is a reference to Irma S. Rombauer's famous cooking book "The Joy of Cooking".