Crombwick Manor

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Crombwick Manor is a large manor located in the town of Slepe. Its owner is Lord Crombwick. According to the deed found on the ground floor of the manor, the manor itself was called the "sleepers manor", and was given to the Crombwick family by Lord Drakan himself during the early Fourth Age.

As the entrances to the manor are locked, it is only accessible via the ladder in Kroy's laboratory in the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

The manor has been taken over by Damien Leucurte, who appears to be a vampyre, and has brought several vampyre juveniles and vyrewatch to the manor, keeping Lord Crombwick inside. As a result, the manor is appears very messy.

While the upper level of the manor appears dark and unlit, a light source can be used to brighten the area, although it is not mandatory.

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