Crossbow stock

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A Crossbow stock is the wooden centre of a crossbow. It is required to make a crossbow. They can be fletched by members who have the necessary Fletching level. They can also be purchased or stolen from the crossbow stall in Keldagrim.

Fletching table[edit | edit source]

Fletching Level Item Material XP
9 Wooden stock.png Wooden stock Logs.png 6
24 Oak stock.png Oak stock Oak logs.png 16
39 Willow stock.png Willow stock Willow logs.png 22
46 Teak stock.png Teak stock Teak logs.png 27
54 Maple stock.png Maple stock Maple logs.png 32
61 Mahogany stock.png Mahogany stock Mahogany logs.png 41
69 Yew stock.png Yew stock Yew logs.png 50
78 Magic stock.png Magic stock Magic logs.png 70