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The Crystal chest can be found in the house directly south of the Witch's house in Taverley. The chest is locked and can only be opened using a crystal key, which is made by combining a loop half of key and a tooth half of key. Attempting to open the chest without the crystal key yields the message: This chest is securely locked shut. Opening the crystal chest grants an uncut dragonstone and a variety of other rewards.

Opening the crystal chest is a requirement for the medium Falador Diary.

Possible loot[edit | edit source]

The expected value of the crystal chest is 24,587.56[1], while the loop and tooth halves together currently cost 25,893 and a crystal key 26,168.

Loot Frequency (approx.)[1] GE price Profit/Loss
Uncut dragonstone.png Spinach roll.png Coins 1000.png Uncut dragonstone, spinach roll, and 2000 coins 22.43% 17,610 -8,283
Uncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone 16.77% 15,488 -10,405
Uncut dragonstone.png Coins 1000.png Raw swordfish.png Uncut dragonstone, 5 raw swordfish, 1000 coins 5.91% 17,563 -8,330
Uncut dragonstone.pngAir rune.pngWater rune.pngEarth rune.pngFire rune.pngBody rune.png
Mind rune.pngChaos rune.pngDeath rune.pngCosmic rune.pngNature rune.pngLaw rune.png
Uncut dragonstone, 50 of each elemental rune,
50 body and mind runes, 10 of all other free-to-play runes
9.58% 25,368 -525
Uncut dragonstone.png Coal.png Uncut dragonstone, 100 coal (noted) 7.84% 28,188 2,295
Uncut dragonstone.png Ruby.png Diamond.png Uncut dragonstone, 2 cut rubies, 2 cut diamonds 9.36% 21,552 -4,341
Uncut dragonstone.png Coins 250.png Tooth half of key.png Uncut dragonstone, tooth half of key, 750 coins 4.14% 28,036 2,143
Uncut dragonstone.png Runite bar.png Uncut dragonstone, 3 runite bars 9.41% 52,880 26,987
Uncut dragonstone.png Coins 250.png Loop half of key.png Uncut dragonstone, loop half of key, 750 coins 4.00% 30,333 4,440
Uncut dragonstone.png Iron ore.png Uncut dragonstone, 150 iron ore (noted) 7.92% 28,088 2,195
Uncut dragonstone.png Adamant sq shield.png Uncut dragonstone, adamant sq shield 1.76% 17,532 -8,361
Uncut dragonstone.png Rune platelegs.png/Uncut dragonstone.png Rune plateskirt.png Uncut dragonstone, rune platelegs (if male)/rune plateskirt (if female) 0.86% 53,199 (males)

53,455 (females)

27,306 (males)
27,562 (females)
Total Average profit per key.

Using cost of Crystal key.png. Rows above use Loop half of key.png + Tooth half of key.png

Average 24,587.5557 -1,580.44
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