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This article is about the item rewarded from activities around Prifddinas. For the shards used in The Gauntlet, see Crystal shards.
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Crystal shards are items that can be obtained through participating in various activities within Prifddinas. These are necessary to create and charge various crystal equipment through crystal singing, and also can be used to create enhanced crystal keys for the Elven Crystal Chest. Each crystal shard added onto a piece of crystal equipment provides 100 charges, up to a maximum of 20,000.

Value[edit | edit source]

Although crystal shards and crystal dust are not tradeable, divine potions created from crystal dust are tradeable. Each shard provides 10 dust, and one dust is used per dose of potion created. While a high Herblore level is required to make each potion, only 0.5 Herblore experience is granted per dose created. Note that the current prices of these potions may not accurately reflect the actively traded price due to extremely low creation and supply volume of certain potions and thus are frequently used as scam items.

Herblore Level Item Base potion Divine potion GP / Shard
Icon Coins.png Price Icon Coins.png Price
70 Divine super attack potion.png Divine super attack potion Super attack.png 161 Divine super attack potion.png 754 1,482.5
70 Divine super strength potion.png Divine super strength potion Super strength.png 1,971 Divine super strength potion.png 2,609 1,595
70 Divine super defence potion.png Divine super defence potion Super defence.png 1,124 Divine super defence potion.png 1,468 860
74 Divine ranging potion.png Divine ranging potion Ranging potion.png 342 Divine ranging potion.png 1,444 2,755
78 Divine magic potion.png Divine magic potion Magic potion.png 179 Divine magic potion.png 1,329 2,875
86 Divine bastion potion.png Divine bastion potion Bastion potion.png 9,950 Divine bastion potion.png 12,291 5,852.5
86 Divine battlemage potion.png Divine battlemage potion Battlemage potion.png 7,792 Divine battlemage potion.png 9,911 5,297.5
97 Divine super combat potion.png Divine super combat potion Super combat potion.png 11,803 Divine super combat potion.png 15,539 9,340

Another way of getting value out of crystal shards is to use them to upgrade a crystal key into an enhanced crystal key, which unlocks the Elven Crystal Chest. Upgrading a crystal key requires level 80 in Crafting and Smithing, requires 10 crystal shards and gives 500 xp in both smithing and crafting. The chest will on average return 45/16 crystal shards and give 51,434.01 in loot. This means that the average profit per crystal shard is 4,042.02. Compared to Divine super combat potions, you are spending -38.08 Gp/xp in smithing and crafting combined, or double that for one of the individual skills.

Obtaining shards[edit | edit source]

Exchanging seeds[edit | edit source]

Players can also obtain crystal shards by exchanging various crystal seeds with Amrod, who is found in the Hefin Inn.

Item Shards exchanged Coins.png Price GP / Shard
Crystal weapon seed.png Crystal weapon seed 10 228,482 22,848.2
Crystal tool seed.png Crystal tool seed 100 1,308,774 13,087.74
Enhanced crystal teleport seed.png Enhanced crystal teleport seed 150 1,530,228 10,201.52
Crystal armour seed.png Crystal armour seed 250 3,577,956 14,311.82

Products[edit | edit source]

Blade of saeldor (c).pngBlade of saeldor (c)
  • 82 Crafting
  • 82 Smithing
  • 0 Crafting
  • 0 Smithing
Crystal axe.pngCrystal axe
  • 76 Smithing
  • 76 Crafting
  • 6,000 Smithing
  • 6,000 Crafting
Crystal body.pngCrystal body
  • 74 Smithing
  • 74 Crafting
  • 7,500 Smithing
  • 7,500 Crafting
Crystal bow.pngCrystal bow
  • 78 Smithing
  • 78 Crafting
  • 2,000 Smithing
  • 2,000 Crafting
Crystal dust.pngCrystal dust
  • None
  • None
Crystal halberd.pngCrystal halberd
  • 78 Smithing
  • 78 Crafting
  • 2,000 Smithing
  • 2,000 Crafting
Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal harpoon
  • 76 Smithing
  • 76 Crafting
  • 6,000 Smithing
  • 6,000 Crafting
Crystal helm.pngCrystal helm
  • 70 Smithing
  • 70 Crafting
  • 2,500 Smithing
  • 2,500 Crafting
Crystal legs.pngCrystal legs
  • 72 Smithing
  • 72 Crafting
  • 5,000 Smithing
  • 5,000 Crafting
Crystal pickaxe.pngCrystal pickaxe
  • 76 Smithing
  • 76 Crafting
  • 6,000 Smithing
  • 6,000 Crafting
Crystal shield.pngCrystal shield
  • 78 Smithing
  • 78 Crafting
  • ?
  • ?
Enhanced crystal key.pngEnhanced crystal key
  • 80 Smithing
  • 80 Crafting
  • 500 Smithing
  • 500 Crafting
Eternal teleport crystal.pngEternal teleport crystal
  • 80 Smithing
  • 80 Crafting
  • 5,000 Smithing
  • 5,000 Crafting

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
SourceLevelQuantityRarityTrailblazer regions
Crystal impling jar Hunter icon.png5–101/18Tirannwn
Crystal impling80 Hunter icon.png5–101/18Tirannwn
Dark beast182 Multicombat.png11/24Tirannwn
Elf (Thieving)85 Thieving icon.png11/35Tirannwn
Elven Crystal ChestN/A Casket.png8–1320/256Tirannwn
Elven Crystal ChestN/A Casket.png20–3017/256Tirannwn
Elven Crystal ChestN/A Casket.png4–617/256Tirannwn
Greater Nechryael200 Multicombat.png11/24Tirannwn
Guard (Prifddinas)108 Multicombat.png11/24Tirannwn
Insatiable mutated Bloodveld278 Multicombat.png1AlwaysTirannwnMorytania
Iorwerth Warrior108 Multicombat.png11/24Tirannwn
King kurask295 Multicombat.png1AlwaysFremennikTirannwn
Kurask106 Multicombat.png11/24FremennikTirannwn
Moss giant Level 8484 Multicombat.png11/24Tirannwn
Mutated Bloodveld123 Multicombat.png11/24TirannwnMorytania
Nechryarch Normal Multicombat.png1AlwaysMorytania
Night beast374 Multicombat.png1AlwaysTirannwn
Reward Chest (The Gauntlet)N/A Casket.png3–7AlwaysTirannwn
Reward Chest (The Gauntlet) (Corrupted)N/A Casket.png5–9AlwaysTirannwn
Waterfiend115 Multicombat.png11/24KandarinTirannwn
Zalcano336 Multicombat.png1–3AlwaysTirannwn

References[edit | edit source]

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