Crystal shards

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This article is about the shards used in The Gauntlet. For the shards rewarded from activities around Prifddinas, see Crystal shard.
Crystal shard detail.png

Crystal shards are obtained from various activities in The Gauntlet, and are used to create most pieces of equipment within the minigame.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Crystalline Bat33 Multicombat.png10–30Always
Crystalline Bear172 Multicombat.pngUnknownAlways
Crystalline Dark Beast172 Multicombat.pngUnknownAlways
Crystalline Dragon172 Multicombat.pngUnknownAlways
Crystalline Rat24 Multicombat.png10–30Always
Crystalline Scorpion64 Multicombat.png50–105Always
Crystalline Spider22 Multicombat.png10–30Always
Crystalline Unicorn48 Multicombat.png50–105Always
Crystalline Wolf74 Multicombat.png50–105Always