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A Crystal tree can be grown with the Farming skill. Players with at least level 74 Farming may plant a crystal sapling in the Prifddinas crystal tree patch. The crystal tree cannot become diseased.

Crystal trees are grown by first planting a crystal acorn in a filled plant pot, which will turn into a crystal tree sapling after being watered and allowed to grow. The crystal tree sapling is then planted in the crystal tree patch using a spade. Only one crystal tree patch exists and is located in the north-east section of Prifddinas.

An amulet of nature can be bound to the patch to provide players with information about its growing progress.

Once fully grown, the tree can be harvested with an axe. Unlike other harvested trees, crystal trees are harvested and removed at the same time; no stump remains to be cleared and the patch is immediately empty once the tree is harvested. Harvesting crystal trees grants 8-16 crystal shards, depending on the type of compost used. Magic secateurs, and by extension the farming cape, have no effect[1]. Players can also receive bird nests after chopping the tree down.

On average, the tree's yield with ultracompost is 14.6 crystal shards per tree. This equates to an income of 200k gp at 70 herblore or 305k gp at 93 herblore. Net profits (subtracting the seed price) range between 120-220k per tree. Between your first and last daily logins, two can be farmed in a row, yielding 240-440k potential net profit and 26,5k farming xp in a single run, later making and selling around 72 divine potions, taking around a minute to make. Considered as daily event, it would be the most profitable.

References[edit | edit source]

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