Crystalline Spider

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Crystalline Spiders are low-level monsters found in The Gauntlet. Their counterpart in the Corrupted Gauntlet is the Corrupted Spider. Up to 3 low-level monsters spawn in a room.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Crystal shards.png: Crystalline Spider drops Crystal shards with rarity Always in quantity 10-30Crystal shards10–30AlwaysNot soldN/A
Raw paddlefish.png: Crystalline Spider drops Raw paddlefish with rarity Common in quantity 1,3Raw paddlefish1; 3CommonNot soldN/A
Grym leaf.png: Crystalline Spider drops Grym leaf with rarity Common in quantity 1Grym leaf1CommonNot soldN/A
Weapon frame.png: Crystalline Spider drops Weapon frame with rarity Common in quantity 1Weapon frame1CommonNot soldN/A
Teleport crystal (The Gauntlet).png: Crystalline Spider drops Teleport crystal (The Gauntlet) with rarity Uncommon in quantity 1Teleport crystal (The Gauntlet)1UncommonNot soldN/A