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This article is about the normal cup of tea. For the stat boosting tea made in Player-owned houses, see Cup of tea (Player-owned house).
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A cup of tea is a refreshment which restores 3 hitpoints and temporarily boosts Attack by 3.

Players may purchase a cup of tea for 10 coins each at the tea stall south of the east entrance to Varrock. When a player drinks a cup of tea, they say the phrase, "Aaah, nothing like a nice cuppa tea!" and an empty cup remains in the player's inventory.

Players may also steal from tea stalls to obtain a cup of tea. A Thieving level of 5 is required to steal from tea stalls.

Additionally, cups of tea can be found in these locations:

  • On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the house just northwest of the bank in Yanille (must be telegrabbed)
  • South of the herb shop in Taverley
  • North of the tea stall in Varrock (cannot be picked up or telegrabbed)

A tea flask can store up to five cups of tea, which will have the standard effect when consumed.

Quest uses[edit | edit source]

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Ye olde Tea Shoppe.5 Thieving icon.png1Always
Zombie (Tarn's Lair) Level 6161 Multicombat.png15/128

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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sold at
bought at
The Esoterican ArmsMiscellania dungeon5Coins 5.png 10Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Ye olde Tea Shoppe.Varrock20Coins 5.png 10Coins 5.png 6Member icon.png
The Golden FieldThis content is present in Twisted League. Hosidius5Coins 5.png 10Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png

Item spawns[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only type of tea that cannot be used with a bucket of milk to make a milky version.
  • Nettle tea and POH tea have the empty option, but this standard tea does not.
  • In RuneScape Classic, you were able to telegrab the display tea unlike in RuneScape 2; it was tradeable. If you dropped the display tea, you could not pick it up unless you used Telekinetic Grab. It was also used in scams occasionally.
  • Ghasts cannot rot tea. This may be because a cup of tea is classed as a potion.
  • Drinking a cup of tea does incur a combat delay similar to most healing items.