Cup of tea (Player-owned house)

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A Cup of tea is a drink that will boost a player's Construction level. There are three different strengths of tea depending on if the player uses a clay or porcelain cup when brewing the tea. With a Cooking level of 20, this item can be made in the kitchen of a player-owned house rewarding the player with 52 experience. Players can ask their servant to serve tea, and the servant will use a cup that corresponds with the best type of shelves built in the house. This type of tea cannot be put into a tea flask.

Note: If a player leaves the house in any way, then this item will disappear from their inventory.

Milky tea[edit | edit source]

A bucket of milk may also be added to any strength of tea, but this only changes the image and the drink text and does not affect the stat boosting abilities.

Tea strengths[edit | edit source]

Tea made at a player-owned house can boost Construction by 1-3 levels depending on the shelves in the kitchen.

Cup of tea Shelf (Construction level) Boost
Cup of tea (clay).pngCup of tea (clay) Empty cup (clay) Wooden shelves 1 (6)
Wooden shelves 2 (12)
Oak shelves 1 (34)
Cup of tea (clay, milky).pngCup of tea (clay, milky)
Cup of tea (white).pngCup of tea (white) White porcelain cup Wooden shelves 3 (23)
Oak shelves 2 (45)
Teak shelves 1 (56)
Cup of tea (white, milky).pngCup of tea (white, milky)
Cup of tea (gold).pngCup of tea (gold) Gold trimmed porcelain cup Teak shelves 2 (67) +3
Cup of tea (gold, milky).pngCup of tea (gold, milky)

Making a cup of tea[edit | edit source]

Making a cup of tea requires level 20 cooking and gives the player 52 experience. The following constructs must be present in the kitchen: a built stove space (note that the lowest level firepit will not work, as you will receive the message, "There's nowhere for you to hang a kettle over the fire"), a larder, a shelf, and a built sink space.

  1. Remove a kettle, a teapot and one or more cups from the shelf.
  2. Remove one unit of tea leaves from the larder.
  3. Use the kettle on the built sink space to fill it with water.
  4. Use the full kettle of water on the built stove space to bring it to a boil.
  5. Use the tea leaves on the teapot to fill the teapot.
  6. Remove the kettle from the range when the message "The kettle boils." is received.
  7. Use the hot kettle on the teapot with leaves to create four servings of tea. This is the only step that grants cooking experience.
  8. Use the pot of tea on a cup to pour a cup of tea.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When leaving a player owned house the tea is deleted. Anything that causes a loading screen counts; except, when enabling or disabling Building mode from inside the house.
  • Because this kind of tea is not tradeable, it cannot be placed on tables.