Cup of tea (Zogre Flesh Eaters)

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This item cannot be obtained legitimately.
Cup of tea (Zogre Flesh Eaters) can only be acquired through illegitimate means. The Old School RuneScape Wiki does not condone rule-breaking actions.
Cup of tea
Cup of tea (Zogre Flesh Eaters).png
Released17 May 2005 (Update)
Quest itemZogre Flesh Eaters
ExamineLooks like an innocent cup of tea.
Value10 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0.15 kg
Advanced data
Item ID4838
Cup of tea (Zogre Flesh Eaters) detail.png

The Cup of tea is an unobtainable item encountered during Zogre Flesh Eaters. It is found in the room of Sithik Ints in Yanille, but cannot be picked up.

During the quest, the strange potion should be used on the cup of tea to turn Sithik into an ogre, whereupon he reveals the secret to making Relicym's balm and brutal arrows.

When the "take" option is selected, Sithik Ints yells at the player, Hey! What do you think you're doing? Leave my tea alone!. When a telegrab is attempted, he will say Hey! What do you think you're doing? Don't go casting that kind of spell anywhere near my tea! Leave my tea alone you telegrabbing fiend!