Curpile Fyod

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Curpile Fyod
Curpile Fyod.png
Released10 January 2005 (Update)
LocationMort Myre Swamp
QuestIn Search of the Myreque
ExamineA typical, if overly heavy handed, jobs worth guard.
Advanced data
NPC ID5047
Curpile Fyod chathead.png

Curpile Fyod is a guard and associate of the Myreque. He watches over the hollow tree in the Hollows, the entrance to the Myreque's first hideout. He wielded a steel sword and a bronze roundshield. He has at least two children.[1]

When an adventurer seeking the Myreque approached him, he refused to let them pass, brusquely telling them to leave. When they presented steel weapons intended for the Myreque, he interrogated them to ensure they wouldn't use those weapons against his friends. If they failed to answer all of his questions correctly then he refused to let them pass, and if they failed to answer at all he attacked, sending them back to Mort'ton. Once they satisfied him, he unlocked the door, letting them past and unwittingly allowing Vanstrom Klause access to the Myreque. When the Myreque move bases to Burgh de Rott, he continues at his post, despite the base being abandoned.

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  1. ^ Curpile Fyod, "In Search of the Myreque", Old School RuneScape. "It's choking me up right here, you're making me cry, but hey, I's godda do my job or da kids don't get fed!"