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For the alchemist, see 'Currency' The Alchemist.

Currencies are items which can be exchanged and are commonly used for transactions in RuneScape.

Coins (or gold pieces "gp") are the main form of currency and are almost universal, as they are accepted by most NPC's. All other currencies may only be used at their specific location. Only trading sticks are comparable to gold pieces in that they can be used to buy and sell items in multiple places as well as to trade with other players, although their usage is much more limited than usage of gold pieces.

Physical[edit | edit source]

Tradeable[edit | edit source]

Currency Location Example usage
Coins.png: Inventory image of Coins Coins Most of Gielinor Player trading, Grand Exchange, most NPC shops
Archery ticket.png: Inventory image of Archery ticket Archery ticket Ranging Guild Buying ranging items
Numulite.png: Inventory image of Numulite Numulite Fossil Island Opening chests on the island
Platinum token.png: Inventory image of Platinum token Platinum token Trade 1,000 coins for 1 platinum token Exchanging coins for platinum tokens and vice versa, can be used to bypass the max stack limit
Survival token.png: Inventory image of Survival token Survival token Last Man Standing Various items
Trading sticks.png: Inventory image of Trading sticks Trading sticks Tai Bwo Wannai Clothing, services

Untradeable[edit | edit source]

Currency Location Example usage
Agility arena ticket.png: Inventory image of Agility arena ticket Agility arena ticket Brimhaven Agility Arena Agility experience, herbs
Blood money.png: Inventory image of Blood money Blood money Deadman mode Deadman armour
Castle wars ticket.png: Inventory image of Castle wars ticket Castle wars ticket Castle Wars Castle Wars armour, Halos
Ecto-token.png: Inventory image of Ecto-token Ecto-token Port Phasmatys and Ectofuntus Passage into Port Phasmatys
Frog token.png: Inventory image of Frog token Frog token Thessalia's Fine Clothes Prince outfit, Princess outfit, or frog mask
Golden nugget.png: Inventory image of Golden nugget Golden nugget Motherlode Mine Prospector kit, Coal bag, Gem bag
Mark of grace.png: Inventory image of Mark of grace Mark of grace Rooftop Agility Graceful outfit, Amylase packs
Mermaid's tear.png: Inventory image of Mermaid's tear Mermaid's tear Underwater Merfolk trident, Seaweed spores
Molch pearl.png: Inventory image of Molch pearl Molch pearl Molch Island equipable rods, Angler outfit
Paramaya ticket.png: Inventory image of Paramaya ticket Paramaya ticket Paramaya Inn Access to Paramaya Inn at Shilo Village
Pieces of eight.png: Inventory image of Pieces of eight Pieces of eight Trouble Brewing 'Rum', "The stuff", Naval clothing
Reward token (Gnome Restaurant).png: Inventory image of Reward token (Gnome Restaurant) Reward token Gnome Restaurant Food delivery
Tokkul.png: Inventory image of Tokkul Tokkul Mor Ul Rek Onyx, Obsidian weapons
Unidentified minerals.png: Inventory image of Unidentified minerals Unidentified minerals Mining Guild Mining gloves, Superior mining gloves
Warrior guild token.png: Inventory image of Warrior guild token Warrior guild token Warriors' Guild Access to Cyclopes, Defenders

Virtual[edit | edit source]

Many currencies are virtual (or kept 'on record') and don't exist in an item form. Thus, these do not take up inventory or bank space, and only appear in specific interfaces. This also makes them untradeable. For example, Pizazz points are stored in a Pizazz hat. These currencies usually don't have an associated icon.

Currency Location Example usage
Bounty Hunter points Bounty Hunter Various player killing equipment, Rune pouch, cosmetic changes to some equipment
Honour points Barbarian Assault Upgrades and equipment
Nightmare Zone reward points Nightmare Zone Imbued Fremennik and Wilderness rings, Herb boxes, various secondary ingredients for Herblore
Pizazz points Mage Training Arena Infinity robes, Magic items
Slayer reward points Completing Slayer tasks Various perks while doing Slayer, Slayer helmet, Slayer rings
Void Knight commendation points Pest Control (Elite) Void Knight equipment, experience