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A curry tree can be grown in a fruit tree patch from a curry tree sapling using the Farming skill. This requires level 42 Farming. Players receive 40 Farming experience for planting a curry tree and 2,906.9 Farming experience for checking its health when it is fully grown. Players also receive 15 Farming experience each time they pick a curry leaf from the tree, which produces a leaf about once every 30 minutes as fruit. Players may add 3 curry leaves to uncooked stew, which can then be cooked to make curry.

A curry tree, like other fruit trees, takes approximately 16 hours to grow. The nearby farmer will watch over this tree in exchange for 5 full baskets of bananas (25 bananas total, which must be in baskets), which may be noted.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Curry tree
Level required Farming 42
Patch Fruit tree patch
Seeds per 1
Payment 5 Bananas(5).pngbaskets of bananas
Growth time 16 hours (960 minutes)
Yield 6
Regrow Yes
Seed Curry tree seed 5.pngCurry tree seed
Seedling Curry seedling.pngCurry seedling
Sapling Curry sapling.pngCurry sapling
Plant Curry tree
Crop Curry leaf.pngCurry leaf
Planting XP 40 xp
Checking XP 2,906.9 xp
Harvesting XP 15 xp
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Curry leaf.png: Curry tree drops Curry leaf with rarity Always in quantity 1Curry leaf1Always[d 1]4011
Leaves.png: Curry tree drops Leaves with rarity Always in quantity 1Leaves1Always[d 2][d 3]Not sold0
  1. Only dropped by Grown version.
  2. Requires pruning with (magic) secateurs to cure disease.
  3. Only dropped by Diseased version.

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Curry tree (stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Curry tree (stage 2).pngDiseased curry tree (stage 2).pngDead curry tree (stage 2).png
3Curry tree (stage 3).pngDiseased curry tree (stage 3).pngDead curry tree (stage 3).png
4Curry tree (stage 4).pngDiseased curry tree (stage 4).pngDead curry tree (stage 4).png
5Curry tree (stage 5).pngDiseased curry tree (stage 5).pngDead curry tree (stage 5).png
6Curry tree (stage 6).pngN/AN/A
7Curry tree (grown).pngN/AN/A