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A curry tree can be grown in a fruit tree patch from a curry tree sapling using the Farming skill. This requires level 42 Farming. Players receive 40 Farming experience for planting a curry tree and 2,906.9 Farming experience for checking its health when it is fully grown. Players also receive 15 Farming experience each time they pick a curry leaf from the tree, which produces a leaf about once every 30 minutes as fruit. Players may add 3 curry leaves to uncooked stew, which can then be cooked to make curry.

A curry tree, like other fruit trees, takes approximately 16 hours to grow. The nearby farmer will watch over this tree in exchange for 5 full baskets of bananas (25 bananas total, which must be in baskets), which may be noted.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Curry tree
Level required Farming 42
Patch Fruit tree patch
Seed Curry tree seed 5.pngCurry tree seed
Sapling Curry sapling.pngCurry sapling
Seeds per 1
Payment 5 Bananas(5)
Growth time 16 hours (960 minutes)
Crop Curry leaf.pngCurry leaf
Yield 6
Regrow Yes
Planting XP 40 xp
Checking XP 2,906.9 xp
Harvesting XP 15 xp