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Customer Support is the division of Jagex staff that interacts with players. They normally investigate abuse reports and Black mark appeals. They also help out players with their technical problems and send them messages regarding their RuneScape accounts. Customer Support should NOT be used for quest help, walkthroughs etc. Additionally, the Community Forums are a good place to turn to if you are having problems.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Customer Support helps players with technical, account and other issues regarding RuneScape. There are 10 categories that everything falls into:

  • Rules of Runescape: Gives information on the in-game rules about RuneScape, and the reasons why Jagex has these rules.
  • Offence Appeals: This provides information on what to do if your account receives a blackmark.
  • Billing: This gives information on payment options and billing for Membership.
  • Reporting Bugs: Information on bugs and glitches, and what to do to report them.
  • Safety & Security Guidelines: Information regarding protection for yourself and your computer.
  • Password Support: Lists information for passwords.
  • Locked Account Recovery: Guidelines on what to do when your account is locked.
  • Reporting Abuse: Information about the Report Abuse system.
  • Technical: Java errors and problems regarding RuneScape and their solutions are listed here.
  • Other: Information that did not fit in the categories above goes here.

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