Daeyalt essence

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Daeyalt essence is an untradeable type of essence used in Runecraft. It is created by trading daeyalt shards mined at the daeyalt essence mine with Noranna Tytanin for an equal amount of essence. Acquiring the essence requires level 60 Mining and completion of Sins of the Father. Any essence received is sent directly to the player's bank, as it is untradeable and thus cannot be in noted form. To trade in the shards for daeyalt essence, vyre noble clothing needs to be worn.

Daeyalt essence acts the same way as regular essence does, being able to be stored in runecrafting pouches. However, it gives 50% extra experience per essence. This bonus is multiplicative with the 70% bonus at the Ourania Altar, for a total bonus of 155% extra xp. Daeyalt essence cannot be used in place of dark essence fragments at the blood and soul altars.

Using a mixture of daeyalt essence and pure essence in the same runecrafting trip will result in the daeyalt essence being used first and a second craft-runes action on the altar is required to then craft using the pure essence. Because of this, Achievement Diary tasks will fail unless you only use one type of essence.