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A trio of players take on the mighty Dagannoth Kings.

Dagannoth Kings are a trio of bosses found in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, known for their dragon axe, berserker ring, archers ring, warrior ring and seers ring drops. Their bones are also valuable, making them consistently rewarding to kill.

The Kings[edit | edit source]

The Kings reside on the sixth floor (the deepest) in Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

  • Dagannoth Prime: The Dagannoth King who uses magical attacks. Whenever he is attacking, Protect from Magic must be on at all costs as Prime can hit up to 50 damage and easily kill in two hits. Prime is weak to ranged attacks.
  • Dagannoth Rex: The Dagannoth King who uses melee attacks. He is extremely easy to deal with, as he can be either binded or lured to the edges of the islet where he can get stuck easily.
  • Dagannoth Supreme: The Dagannoth King who uses ranged attacks. Supreme is also easy to deal with, hitting harder than Rex but lower than Prime. Supreme's attacks can hit multiple players if they are facing his direction.
  • Spinolyps inhabit the moat surrounding the Dagannoth Kings' island. They are generally weak and have 75 Hitpoints. They do not hit very high compared to the Kings or very accurately, but their ranged attacks poison you, and their magic attacks drain one prayer point if they hit. The poison damage starts at 6, so it is worth bringing Antidote++ potions. They can be used to heal with the use of Guthan's set or Saradomin godsword while waiting for the Kings to respawn.
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme
Uses Magical Attacks.
Protect from Magic.png
Uses Melee Attacks.
Protect from Melee.png
Uses Ranged Attacks.
Protect from Missiles.png
Dagannoth Prime.png
Dagannoth Rex.png
Dagannoth Supreme.png
Fight with Ranged Fight with Magic Fight with Melee

Suggested skills[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Prayer bonus is essential for Dagannoth Kings, and everyone's setup differs to a slight degree. It is best to try out DKS with another person and low risk. Once you are comfortable with the Kings, you will be able to modify your setup to your own style. You should prioritize ranged defence bonuses over melee and magical defence when choosing your armour. Prayer bonus should be your second priority after ranged defence.

This setup is used by people who solo Dagannoth Rex. It is mostly used because Rex is the easiest out of all the Kings as it can be safespotted, as well as the chance of receiving the berserker ring. Using Guthan's armour set is highly recommended for very long trips; however, the Saradomin godsword and blood spells are better there because of the random effect of healing Guthan's set provides and the fact that Spinolyps may not always be within melee range. If using Flames of Zamorak, a Staff of the dead combined with the Charge spell and Zamorak cape should be used for the best damage available for the spell. If using Claws of Guthix, a Void knight mace should be used as it can autocast the spell. Use the Guthix cape with the Charge spell for 50% increased damage.

Luring Rex to a safespot.

The most difficult part is the entry. Rex killers want to make it around to the east side without getting noticed by the other kings. Also, they can enlist the help of a suicider, which is a friend who carries some spare food and potions to trade over at a safe area (e.g. the safe peeking spot or behind the ladder at rock lobsters) and will incur aggro so that the Rex killer can make it to the east side.

As always, the player needs to have Protect from Magic on when going down, and immediately go back up if drawing attention from the other kings if not using a suicider. Once the kings are away from the ladder, the player needs to quickly head east while hugging the coastline. When luring Rex, players should take care not to go past the rocks on the map nor lure him if Prime is nearby, or they risk attracting attention from the other kings.

Recommended equipment for Magic (Rex only)
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSlayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i) / Black mask (i).pngBlack mask (i) (both on task)Serpentine helm.pngSerpentine helm[1]Verac's helm.pngVerac's helmGuthan's helm.pngGuthan's helm[2]Torag's helm.pngTorag's helm
NeckOccult necklace.pngOccult necklaceAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of the damned.pngAmulet of the damned[3]Amulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryArmadyl stole.pngGod stole
BackImbued god capes.gifImbued god capeGod capes.gifGod capeArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloak 4[4]Fire cape.pngFire capeCapes of accomplishments (trimmed).gif Cape of Accomplishment
BodyBandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplateTorag's platebody.pngTorag's platebody / Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's platebodyGuthan's platebody.pngGuthan's platebody[2]Verac's brassard.pngVerac's brassardDragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbody
LegsBandos tassets.pngBandos tassetsVerac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirtGuthan's chainskirt.pngGuthan's chainskirt[2]Torag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegsDragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs / Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon plateskirt
WeaponHarmonised nightmare staff.pngHarmonised nightmare staff[5]Trident of the swamp.pngTrident of the swamp / Trident of the seas.pngTrident of the seasToxic staff of the dead.pngToxic staff of the dead[6]Void knight mace.pngVoid knight mace[7]Iban's staff (u).pngIban's staff (u)[8]
ShieldTome of fire.pngTome of fire[5]Elysian spirit shield.pngElysian spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield.pngSpectral spirit shieldArcane spirit shield.pngArcane spirit shieldBlessed spirit shield.pngBlessed spirit shield
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3N/AN/AN/A
GlovesTormented bracelet.pngTormented braceletBarrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesRune gloves.pngRune glovesRegen bracelet.pngRegen braceletAdamant gloves.pngAdamant gloves
BootsDevout boots.pngDevout bootsEternal boots.pngEternal bootsInfinity boots.pngInfinity bootsWizard boots.pngWizard boots / Bloodbark boots.pngBloodbark bootsMystic boots.pngMystic boots
RingRing of the gods (i).pngRing of the gods (i) / Ring of suffering (i).pngRing of suffering (i)Ring of the gods.pngRing of the gods / Ring of suffering.pngRing of sufferingExplorer's ring 4.pngExplorer's ringSeers ring (i).pngSeers ring (i)Seers ring.pngSeers ring
  1. If using the Serpentine helm, antipoisons are not needed as you will be immune to poison as long as its worn.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Guthan's should only be brought if you plan to bring the whole set for its set effect. Otherwise, Verac's equipment will do better due to its prayer bonuses.
  3. If the amulet of the damned is used while using Guthan's armour set, players can heal a maximum of 10 Hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level.
  4. All versions of the Ardougne cloak provide a good combination of both magic and prayer bonuses, which can be beneficial when using Magic.
  5. 5.0 5.1 If using Fire surge with Tome of fire and Harmonised nightmare staff
  6. If using Flames of Zamorak / Slayer dart.
  7. If using Claws of Guthix.
  8. If using Iban Blast.

A tribrid setup means using Magic, Ranged and Melee all in one per person to kill all three Dagannoth Kings. It is only recommended for people who can afford good enough equipment to be able to kill all Kings fast enough. If the player is not experienced, an alternative to attacking all three kings is to have another person targeting Rex, whilst the player targets Prime and Supreme. The person targeting Rex may help defeat Prime/Supreme if they need help.

A detailed map of the lair and tackling the Kings.

Enter with Protect from Magic activated, and get Supreme as close to the ladder as possible before killing him with Piety; if Prime is a safe distance away and Supreme is very close to the ladder, you can use Protect from Missiles. This can be done by climbing the ladder up and down until he has been lured. Otherwise, Prime will get on you prompting you to keep Protect from Magic on and tank Supreme's hits, which will drain your supplies. Afterwards, safespot and kill Rex, and since Prime will be on you, keep Protect from Magic on. Lastly, go north-east and kill Prime. The optimal spot to kill him is denoted by rocks on the ground in triangle formation.

An alternate strategy is to follow the same procedure up to Prime (i.e. kill Supreme and then Rex), but get him to as low health as possible, and wait in the east for Rex to respawn. Kill Rex again, finish off Prime, and go kill Supreme.

Recommended equipment for Tribrid (All Kings)
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSlayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i) / Black mask (i).pngBlack mask (i) (on task)Serpentine helm.pngSerpentine helm[1]Neitiznot faceguard.pngNeitiznot faceguardVerac's helm.pngVerac's helmCrystal helm.pngCrystal helm[2]
NeckAmulet of torture.pngAmulet of torture + Necklace of anguish.pngNecklace of anguish + Occult necklace.pngOccult necklaceAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryN/AN/A
BackInfernal cape.pngInfernal cape + Ava's assembler.pngAva's assemblerFire cape.pngFire cape[3] + Ranging cape.pngRanging capeAva's accumulator.pngAva's accumulatorN/AN/A
BodyBandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplate + Armadyl chestplate.pngArmadyl chestplate / Crystal body.pngCrystal body[2]Torag's platebody.pngTorag's platebody / Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's platebody + Blessed body.gifBlessed bodyFighter torso.pngFighter torso[3] + Blessed body.gifBlessed bodyN/AN/A
LegsBandos tassets.pngBandos tassets + Armadyl chainskirt.pngArmadyl chainskirt / Crystal legs.pngCrystal legs[2]Verac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirt + Blessed chaps.gifBlessed chapsTorag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegs / Dharok's platelegs.pngDharok's platelegs + Blessed chaps.gifBlessed chapsN/AN/A
WeaponScythe of vitur.pngScythe of vitur + Sanguinesti staff.pngSanguinesti staff + Twisted bow.pngTwisted bowInquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's mace/Ghrazi rapier.pngGhrazi rapier/Blade of saeldor (c).pngBlade of saeldor (c) + Trident of the swamp.pngTrident of the swamp + Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipe / Crystal bow.pngCrystal bow[4]Abyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacle + Trident of the seas.pngTrident of the seas + Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipeN/AN/A
ShieldSpectral spirit shield.pngSpectral spirit shield[5]Avernic defender.pngAvernic defenderDragon defender.pngDragon defenderDragonfire shield.pngDragonfire shieldCrystal shield.pngCrystal shield / Toktz-ket-xil.pngToktz-ket-xil
Ammo/SpellDragon arrow 5.pngDragon arrows / Amethyst arrow 5.pngAmethyst arrows if using a twisted bowRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4 if using toxic blowpipeRada's blessing 2.pngRada's blessing 2 / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3 if using toxic blowpipeN/AN/A
GlovesBarrows gloves.pngBarrows gloves + Tormented bracelet.pngTormented braceletRegen bracelet.pngRegen braceletN/AN/AN/A
BootsPrimordial boots.pngPrimordial boots / Pegasian boots.pngPegasian boots[6]Guardian boots.pngGuardian bootsDragon boots.pngDragon boots / Granite boots.pngGranite boots [7]Boots of brimstone.pngBoots of brimstone / Bandos boots.pngBandos bootsBlessed boots.gif Blessed boots
RingBerserker ring (i).pngBerserker ring (i)Brimstone ring.pngBrimstone ringRing of the gods (i).pngRing of the gods (i)Ring of suffering (i).pngRing of suffering (i)Explorer's ring 4.pngExplorer's ring 4
Special attackSaradomin godsword.pngSaradomin godsword / Eldritch nightmare staff.pngEldritch nightmare staffDragon claws.pngDragon clawsToxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipeAncient mace.pngAncient maceN/A
  1. Wearing the serpentine helm provides immunity to poison.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Only recommended if using the crystal bow.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Optional switch.
  4. Only recommended if using crystal armour. Does not require Ava's device.
  5. Should be brought only if the player is using a scythe of Vitur.
  6. If the player cannot afford a twisted bow, pegasian boots should be worn instead.
  7. Although the granite boots have 1 smaller strength bonus, they have a handy +8 ranged defence bonus.

This is a minimum viable setup for lower levelled players who want to kill Rex with budget gear. It could be used by Ironmen wishing to get Berserker ring early in the game. So this setup focuses on items that are accessible without high skill requirements or items obtained from boss drops. In your inventory, take a Rune thrownaxe, Pet rock, 2-3 Prayer potions, 2-3 Superantipoisons or better. Optionally also High alchemy runes and Ancient mace to recharge prayer. Rest should be the highest healing food you have access to. If have access to Ancient Magick, consider using blood spells for healing. Make sure you have a means of teleporting out, either in gear or inventory.

Recommended equipment for Magic
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSlayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i) / Black mask (i).pngBlack mask (i) (on task)Farseer helm.pngFarseer helmVerac's helm.pngVerac's helmHelm of neitiznot.pngHelm of neitiznotN/A
NeckAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryAmulet of power.pngAmulet of powerN/AN/AN/A
BackArdougne cloak 3.pngArdougne cloak 3[1]Guthix cloak.png God cloakGod capes.gifGod capeArdougne cloak 2.pngArdougne cloak 2[1]Ardougne cloak 1.pngArdougne cloak 1[1]
BodyTorag's platebody.pngTorag's platebody / Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's platebody / Verac's brassard.pngVerac's brassardGranite body.pngGranite bodyRune platebody.pngRune platebodyFighter torso.pngFighter torsoProselyte hauberk.pngProselyte hauberk
LegsVerac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirt / Torag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegs / Dharok's platelegs.pngDharok's platelegsDragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegsRune platelegs.pngRune platelegsProselyte cuisse.pngProselyte cuisseN/A
WeaponMaster wand.pngMaster wand [2]Ancient staff.pngAncient staff [2]Iban's staff (u).pngIban's staff (u) [3]Slayer's staff (e).pngSlayer's staff (e) [4]Slayer's staff.pngSlayer's staff[4]
ShieldTome of fire.pngTome of fire[3]Crystal shield.pngCrystal shieldDragon sq shield.pngDragon sq shieldHoly book.pngHoly bookBook of balance.pngBook of balance
Ammo/SpellGod blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 2.pngRada's blessingN/AN/AN/AN/A
GlovesBarrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesDragon gloves.pngDragon glovesRune gloves.pngRune glovesAdamant gloves.pngAdamant gloves / Regen bracelet.pngRegen braceletBloodbark gauntlets.pngBloodbark gauntlets
BootsBandos boots.pngBandos bootsInfinity boots.pngInfinity bootsMystic boots.pngMystic bootsBlessed boots.gifBlessed bootsN/A
RingRing of life.pngRing of lifeFile:Explorer's ring.pngExplorer's ringRing of wealth.pngRing of wealthN/AN/A
Special attackAncient mace.pngAncient mace (optional)N/AN/AN/AN/A
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 All versions of the Ardougne cloak provide a good combination of both magic and prayer bonuses, which can be beneficial when using Magic.
  2. 2.0 2.1 If using blood spells.
  3. 3.0 3.1 If using Iban Blast.
  4. 4.0 4.1 If using Magic Dart.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Your inventory should consist of the following:

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Twisted bow.pngArmadyl chestplate.pngAva's assembler.pngOccult necklace.png
Necklace of anguish.pngArmadyl chainskirt.pngScythe of vitur.pngTormented bracelet.png
Saradomin godsword.pngPet rock.pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngRune thrownaxe.pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Super combat potion(4).pngRanging potion(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Super combat potion(4).pngRanging potion(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Antidote++(4).pngStamina potion(4).pngRune pouch.pngTeleport to house (tablet).png

Alternate inventory[edit | edit source]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Guthan's warspear.pngImbued heart.pngStamina potion(4).pngAntidote++(4).png
Guthan's helm.pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngAntidote++(4).png
Guthan's platebody.pngPrayer potion(4).pngAntidote++(4).pngAntidote++(4).png
Guthan's chainskirt.pngShark.pngShark.pngAntidote++(4).png
Shark.pngShark.pngTeleport to house (tablet).png
Herb sack.pngPet rock.pngRune thrownaxe.pngRune pouch.png

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Superantipoison(4).pngSuperantipoison(4).pngSuperantipoison(4).pngRune thrownaxe.png
Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPet rock.png
Super defence(4).pngAncient mace.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.png
Pineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.png
Pineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.png
Pineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngTeleport to house (tablet).png
Pineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngPineapple pizza.pngRune pouch.png

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • The use of the dwarf multicannon with 1-2k cannonballs to kill Dagannoth Prime can be helpful to smooth out the rotation when fighting all three Kings. Place the cannon on Prime's spawning area, and only load 30 cannonballs when it spawns; do not keep reloading, as it is less effective on Rex and Supreme and will cause them to attack you immediately upon being struck by a cannonball.
  • Attune a portal in your house to Waterbirth. This will make travel time significantly easier and will negate the need of having to have your house in Rellekka or have redirecting scrolls for it.
  • The suggested food for a trip to the DKS is Super restore potions and Saradomin brew, although for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, sharks and a few Saradomin brews/Super restores for emergency will suffice. Bringing Guthan's set and Saradomin godsword can help reduce the use of food.
  • Even if bringing Saradomin brews for food, it still helps to bring a potion to boost your hits. However, it is debatable whether that extra space could be used for another brew instead is more helpful or not in the long run.
  • Various Ancient Magicks can prove useful: Ice Barrage can be used to freeze Dagannoth Rex and Blood spells can be used in combination with a Trident of the seas or swamp to heal.
  • Antipoisons are important to bring, as anyone going will be poisoned more than in any other boss (because of the Spinolyps residing in the water around the lair). This is not the case if the player wears a Serpentine helm throughout the trip. Sanfew serums are also useful, as they function as both an antipoison and a super restore.
  • There is a safespot if you jump over the root slightly east of the Dagannoth Kings' ladder where you can 'peek' to see if there is someone within the arena. This is also a convenient spot to hop worlds looking for a vacant lair.
  • Completion of the elite Fremennik Diary will cause Dagannoth Kings' bones to drop in noted form, substantially increasing the profitability of extended trips.
  • Bringing an explorer's ring in place of a stamina potion for high alchemy will bring a bit more profit.
  • If your melee stats are high enough (80+) and you're on a dagannoth task, consider using an SGS or any godsword as your spec weapon and your melee weapon to kill supreme with, saving an inventory space