Darcor quo Narga

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Darcor quo Narga (translated as Darcor the Guardian) is a Kahlith guardian found at the top of Mount Karuulm. They tell the player to talk to either Konar quo Maten or Xorrah quo Sihar depending on whether the player follows the balance.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Darcor quo Narga.
Standard dialogue

  • Player: Hello there. Who are you?
  • Darcor quo Narga: Greetings human. I am Darcor quo Narga, a guardian for the Kahlith. Are you here to serve the balance?
  1. Player: Yes.
    • Darcor quo Narga: Then you should speak to Konar quo Maten. She will guide you.
  2. Player: No.
    • Darcor quo Narga: A shame. You are a bringer of death, you could be of great use to the balance.
  3. Player: I'm not sure.
    • Darcor quo Narga: Then you should speak with Xorrah quo Sihar. He will show you the way.