Dawn Ascent

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Dawn Ascent was the name of covert military operation carried out by the White Knights in the Fifth Age. The mission was to take out the Kinshra officer Iban. The mission was a succes, but Iban's dead body was salvaged and resurrected by the witch Kardia in the Underground Pass. The event is only mentioned by name in Kardia's History of Iban found in the Underground Pass.

The exact date of the Dawn Ascent remains unknown, but based on the context of the text it occurred after Lord Daquarius Rennard rose to power. Although the text is very vague about the details of the event, it suggests that the White Knights somehow managed to eliminate various high-standing Kinshra leaders, the most prominent of which was Daquarius's follower Iban. Iban was later revived through a series of Zamorakian rituals in the Underground Pass by Kardia, eventually allowing him to seize one of the three passages from Tirannwn to Kandarin.