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A player dying after reaching 0 Hitpoints.
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Death occurs when a player's Hitpoints reach zero, a message in the Chat Interface will inform them: Oh dear, you are dead! Players who die are respawned at the respawn point that they had set prior to dying, losing all but three of the most valuable items as well as any untradeable items[1] that they were carrying at the time of death. Players have 60 minutes to retrieve items from where they died before they disappear.[2]

Respawning[edit | edit source]

Main article: Spawning

When players die outside of safe minigames, they will respawn at one of several respawn points. By default, players respawn in Lumbridge, and additional options for respawn locations can be unlocked through quests and one-time fees.

Items[edit | edit source]

When players die an unsafe death, they will lose all but three most valuable items, as well as certain untradeable items that were in their inventory at the time of death. Item value is determined first by effective Grand Exchange value, and then by alchemy value if the item lacks an effective Grand Exchange value.

If an item is both one of the three highest valued and an untradeable item, it will still take up one of the three slots for tradeable items. However, the actual consequences of an unsafe death can differ, depending on whether it occurs in or outside of an instanced area or the Wilderness, and can further vary if players were damaged by a player killer. Depending on where the player dies, the consequences can range from running back to the location of death and picking up the dropped items, or completely losing all items, both equipped and in the inventory. By default, the player's number of protected items is three. However, dying while the Protect Item prayer is active will increase this by one, while being skulled decreases this to zero (unless Protect Item is active).

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Player versus Monster death outside the Wilderness and instances[edit | edit source]

This scenario is defined as a normal death.

Should a player die outside the Wilderness in the shared overworld to a monster, and the player has not suffered any player versus player damage recently, they will keep their three most valuable items and untradeable items equipped or in their inventory as outlined above, and all the remaining tradeable items will be dropped on the ground where they died.

The dropped items will stay on the ground for 60 minutes and will be visible only to the player who had died, on the same world they died. After 60 minutes, the dropped items will despawn permanently.

Player versus Monster death outside the Wilderness and in instances[edit | edit source]

Should a player die in an instance with an Item Retrieval Service available, the player will keep their three most valuable items (out of both tradeable and untradeable items) and all the other items will be stored with the object or NPC that hosts the retrieval service. If the player dies while any of their items are in an item reclaimer, those items will be permanently lost. If the player dies in an instance without an item reclaimer (e.g. Skotizo, Kraken, Corporeal Beast and many quest bosses), they will keep their three most valuable items and untradeable items equipped or in their inventory, but all other items that the player would lose in a normal death are permanently lost.

Player versus Monster death inside the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

If the player dies in the Wilderness without receiving any damage from other players recently, they will experience a normal death, with the following changes to untradeable items: If the player dies below 20 Wilderness, any unprotected untradeable items will break if they have a broken state (see table below) or be dropped on the ground. Unprotected imbued items such as Fremennik rings will lose their imbued status and be converted to their unimbued counterparts should they suffer this fate, with the exception of the magic shortbow (i). They will sit at the place of death for 60 minutes without ever being visible to other players, afterwards despawning permanently. If the player dies above 20 Wilderness, any unprotected untradeables will either be converted into their tradeable form and dropped on the ground, or be converted into a fraction of their value in coins and kept in the inventory. The items dropped on the ground will sit at the place of death for 60 minutes without ever being visible to other players. If the untradeable item has a broken state and has been locked via using a Trouver parchment, it will be kept upon death but loses its locked status.

If the player dies anywhere within the Revenant Caves without receiving any damage from other players, their death will be treated as a player versus player death, and they will keep only their three most valuable items. The rest of the items will be converted into their tradeable form or converted into a fraction of their value in coins if they have no tradeable form and will be visible to all players immediately. These items will sit for 60 minutes up for grabs by all players, after which point they will despawn permanently.

Player versus Player death inside the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

If the player dies after having taken damage from another player inside the Wilderness, they will undergo a death different from normal deaths listed above, with overall losses being much greater. If the player dies after taking any player damage below 20 Wilderness, the player will only keep their three most valuable protected items. Any untradeable items will either be converted into their tradeable form and be offered to the killer, or break, and the repair cost will be offered to the killer in coins and the broken item will remain in the victims inventory. If an untradeable item does not have a tradeable form or a broken form, it will simply be dropped on the ground where the victim can return and reclaim the item in its normal state. The items will only be visible to the killer for one minute. After that period, they will become visible to all players for 60 minutes. If the player dies after taking player damage above 20 Wilderness, almost the same type of death as above occurs. However, the broken items will not remain in the victim's inventory and will be permanently lost, while the repair cost will be dropped for the killer. Other untradeable items (that do not have a tradeable form) will be converted to coins and granted to the killer. If the untradeable item has a broken state and has been locked via using a Trouver parchment, it will be kept upon death but loses its locked status and the killer still obtains the repair cost in coins.

Player versus Player death outside the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

If a player receives damage from another player, but then exits the Wilderness and dies shortly after without banking, healing, or logging out either to a monster or poison, they will not undergo a normal death. Rather, unprotected untradeables will be dropped on the floor where the player can pick them back up. The dropped items will be visible to the killer for one minute, and then visible to all players for 60 minutes after.

Player versus Player death in PvP worlds[edit | edit source]

Dying to another player in a PvP world outside of the Wilderness has the same consequences as a PvP death, depending if they died above or below level 20 Wilderness, including out of the Wilderness.

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

There are several items to which the above rules do not neatly apply.

  • The magic shortbow (i) never loses its imbued status
  • The Ring of wealth (i) will always lose its imbued status on death even when it is protected, and 50,000 will be dropped to the killer if it is a PvP death
  • Certain items with no ground state (i.e., cannot be dropped) will always be lost on death if unprotected, such as the Lunar staff, magic butterfly net, chronicle, and ring of charos
  • The clue box will always be lost on death, even if its passive clue scroll-saving effect would be useless or redundant
  • The looting bag is always lost on death, and its contents are treated as unprotected items
  • Any untradeable item protected by a trouver parchment will not be lost on death beyond 20 Wilderness, but will lose the protection granted by the parchment

Breakable Items[edit | edit source]

Upon death within the Wilderness (below level 20), certain untradeable items will become broken and will be kept upon death in this state. These can be repaired by using the items on Perdu (or an armour stand at a respawn point on PvP Worlds), a repair fee must be paid in order for the items to be usable again.

If a player dies with these items past level 20 Wilderness, they are lost completely. However, this can be avoided by bringing the item and a Trouver parchment to Perdu, who will lock the item to the player. He will charge an additional 500,000 coins (50,000 coins for bronze to adamant defenders) to do so. Once an item is locked, it will have a (l) suffix added to its name. Upon dying past level 20 Wilderness, the item will be kept in its unbroken state, but will lose its locked status. As an exception to this rule the Rune pouch can be locked with the Trouver parchment but will not be broken below level 20 Wilderness.

Players who kill another player who has the following items in the list below will receive 75% of the repair cost for their untradeable items.

Item Repair cost
Fire cape.png Fire cape 50,000
Fire max cape.png Fire max cape 99,000
Infernal cape.png Infernal cape 50,000
Infernal max cape.png Infernal max cape 99,000
Ava's assembler.png Ava's assembler 75,000
Assembler max cape.png Assembler max cape 99,000
Imbued guthix cape.png Imbued guthix cape 75,000
Imbued guthix max cape.png Imbued guthix max cape 99,000
Imbued saradomin cape.png Imbued saradomin cape 75,000
Imbued saradomin max cape.png Imbued saradomin max cape 99,000
Imbued zamorak cape.png Imbued zamorak cape 75,000
Imbued zamorak max cape.png Imbued zamorak max cape 99,000
Bronze defender.png Bronze defender 1,000
Iron defender.png Iron defender 2,000
Steel defender.png Steel defender 2,500
Black defender.png Black defender 5,000
Mithril defender.png Mithril defender 15,000
Adamant defender.png Adamant defender 25,000
Rune defender.png Rune defender 35,000
Dragon defender.png Dragon defender 40,000
Avernic defender.png Avernic defender 1,000,000
Void melee helm.png Void melee helm 40,000
Void mage helm.png Void mage helm 40,000
Void ranger helm.png Void ranger helm 40,000
Void knight top.png Void knight top 45,000
Elite void top.png Elite void top 50,000
Void knight robe.png Void knight robe 45,000
Elite void robe.png Elite void robe 50,000
Void knight gloves.png Void knight gloves 30,000
Decorative armour.png Decorative armour (gold) 5,000
Decorative magic armour.png Decorative magic armour 5,000
Decorative ranged armour.png Decorative ranged armour 5,000
Guthix halo.png Guthix halo 25,000
Saradomin halo.png Saradomin halo 25,000
Zamorak halo.png Zamorak halo 25,000
Armadyl halo.png Armadyl halo 25,000
Bandos halo.png Bandos halo 25,000
Seren halo.png Seren halo 25,000
Ancient halo.png Ancient halo 25,000
Brassica halo.png Brassica halo 25,000
Fighter hat.png Fighter hat 45,000
Ranger hat.png Ranger hat 45,000
Healer hat.png Healer hat 45,000
Fighter torso.png Fighter torso 50,000
Penance skirt.png Penance skirt 20,000

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
9 October 2014
The changes to the death mechanics that we made to help prevent the loss of items due to recent network issues have now been reverted. On death, any items you lost are visible to everyone immediately. They will disappear after 2 minutes.
29 September 2014
When you die you will now have 30 minutes to return to your items. For the first minute of this timer your items will only be visible to you and for the remaining 29 minutes your items will be visible to everyone. This change does not affect PVP deaths.
4 September 2014
The death mechanics are now back to normal, leaving you with 2 minutes to retrieve your lost equipment instead of 30 minutes and your items will once more be instantly visible to everyone.
7 November 2013
When the player drops items on death, outside of PvP, the items now appear immediately on the ground, with the players tradeable items visible to everybody. We have removed the recent update that delayed their appearance for 3 minutes.
24 October 2013
When you die the items you lose on death will not appear to anyone for 3 minutes. For one minute after that, they will appear to the person who died and after that they will appear to everyone.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Death claiming a player as they die.
  • After several DDoS attacks, the death mechanics were altered so items stayed on the ground for 60 minutes.
  • If you die during Hallowe'en events, Death will appear to claim your soul.
  • Should you die, an Ironman is able to bury your bones.

References[edit | edit source]

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