Death's Coffer

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Death's Coffer is a chest located in a corner of Death's Office. Players are able to sacrifice items worth 10,000 or more, individually, in return for 105% of their Grand Exchange price. The profits can only be used to pay for item reclamation fees and the sacrificed items cannot be returned. This offers a faster and more economic way of obtaining money for this purpose than manually selling items on the Exchange. It also offers an opportunity to get rid of items that have a listed price much higher than their actual selling price (items that are "crashing") while also providing an additional 5% profit.

Sacrifice items to Death's Coffer

Players can sacrifice up to a value of 2,147,483,647 coins. If players attempt to sacrifice items that will exceed the coffer's limit, a message in the game chatbox will state "The coffer is too full to accommodate that."

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