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Decanting is the method in which a player combines partially full potions of the same kind to produce one full potion and one partially empty potion. For example, decanting a potion containing 3 doses and another containing 2 doses yields one full potion (4 doses) and one partially full potion (1 dose).

Occasionally it is required or recommended for potions to be in fewer doses rather than four:

  • Barbarian mix potions can only be made from 2-dose potions.
  • Not taking excess doses can reduce unnecessary monetary loss:
    • In the Wilderness, where player killers may interrupt killing a boss – taking a 2-dose super combat potion instead of 4-dose when the player only plans to kill a few bosses per trip, for example
    • At Vorkath, players typically only need two doses of super antifire per trip, and using a 2-dose potion allows an extra item of loot to be collected
    • At Chambers of Xeric, if the raid is already scouted, players may know how many doses of a stat-boosting potion are enough before a potion drop is received
  • When drinking potions at a bank before going to an extended activity to save inventory space ("pre-potting"), or when training some skills, 1-dose potions may be convenient

Players can create 2-dose potions either by decanting two 1-dose potions, decanting two 3-dose potions, or decanting a 4-dose potion with an empty vial.

Decanting NPCs[edit | edit source]

There are two NPCs, Zahur in Nardah as well as Bob Barter in the Grand Exchange, who can decant potions for players for free, only charging them if they did not have enough vials while decanting into smaller doses. The player may decant any potions (noted or unnoted) into potions with any doses.

Murky Matt at the Grand Exchange has a decant option that is used to combine used enchanted jewellery.

Although Bob Barter is available in free-to-play worlds, his decanting option is only available for members.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 April 2015

Murky Matt will only decant Pharoah's sceptres with the amount of charges you have unlocked from the desert diary.

6 November 2014

You can now split potions as follow:

  • 4-dose potion + Empty Vial = 2 2-dose potions
  • 3-dose potion + Empty Vial = 2-dose potion and 1-dose potion
  • 2-dose potion + Empty Vial = 2 1-dose potions

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Previously, NPCs could only decant potions into 4-dose potions. The option to select other dose sets was added in an update on 27 September 2018.

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