Decorative sword (white)

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Decorative sword (white) detail.png

The decorative sword (white) can be bought in the Castle Wars area south of the Observatory for 50 Castle wars tickets from Lanthus. The sword offers the same stats as a mithril longsword, and requires level 20 Attack to wield. Also, it has similar shape and colour palette to the blurite sword. However, the blurite sword is considerably weaker.

Attack icon.png Attack bonusesDecorative armour (white, platelegs) equipped.png
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Defence icon.png Defence bonuses
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Melee.png Other bonusesSlot
Strength icon.pngRanged Strength icon.pngMagic Damage icon.pngPrayer icon.pngWeapon slot.png
Attack speed
Monster attack speed 5.png

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Combat Options Combat Style Type Experience
CombatStyles hacksword.png Chop Slash Attack and Hitpoints
Slash Slash Strength and Hitpoints
Lunge Stab Shared
Block Slash Defence and Hitpoints

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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sold at
bought at
Castle Wars Ticket ExchangeCastle WarsCastle wars ticket.png 50Castle wars ticket.png 50Free-to-play icon.png