Deeper Pockets

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Deeper Pockets
Deeper Pockets.png
Released 19 January 2022 (Update)
Members Yes
League Shattered Relics League
Tier Fragment

Deeper Pockets is a skilling-type fragment that provides double loot from pickpocketing NPCs in the Shattered Relics League that may be obtained from breaking an unidentified skilling fragment.

This fragment counts towards the Chain Magic and Personal Banker set effects.

Using this fragment while also wearing any piece of rogue equipment will result in the following message if both effects activates together (guaranteed with full rogue clothing and level 3 Deeper Pockets Fragment): "Your rogue clothing allows you to steal twice as much loot! ... and your Deeper Pockets Fragment quadruples it!".

Level Effect
1 Players have a 20% chance to receive double loot when pickpocketing NPCs.

This stacks with rogue equipment.

2 Chance is increased to 50%.
3 Chance is increased to 100%.