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Defensive shield detail.png

The defensive shield is a two-handed Shield used during the Warriors' Guild catapult activity. It is acquired by talking to Gamfred on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Warriors' Guild. It can only be equipped while standing on the target in the activity room, and moving away from that square will unequip the shield. This activity is a slower tactic of obtaining warrior guild tokens compared to killing Animated Armour.

The shield has 4 defensive options: stab, blunt, slash and magic. Successfully defending against the correct attack type awards a player with 10 Defence experience and 4 warrior guild tokens. While the shield is equipped, the defensive options interface will appear automatically. The quest, prayer, magic, options, emotes, and music menus will be hidden.

The only other two-handed shield is Dinh's bulwark.