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The defensive shield is a two-handed Shield used during the Warriors' Guild catapult activity. It is acquired by talking to Gamfred on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Warriors' Guild. It can only be equipped while standing on the target in the activity room, and moving away from that square will unequip the shield. This activity is a slower tactic of obtaining warrior guild tokens compared to killing Animated Armour.

The shield has 4 defensive options: stab, blunt, slash and magic. Successfully defending against the correct attack type awards a player with 10 Defence experience and 1 warrior guild token. While the shield is equipped, the defensive options interface will appear automatically. The quest, prayer, magic, options, emotes, and music menus will be hidden.

Skill info[edit | edit source]

10 experience is rewarded for each successfully blocked attack from the catapult. Note that, even though the shield do not have a defence level requirement, access to the Warriors' Guild is required, meaning the player must either have level 99 Attack or Strength, or a combined sum of level 130 when adding up their attack and strength levels.