Demonbane spells

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Demonbane spells are a category of offensive spells in the Arceuus spellbook. Requiring completion of A Kingdom Divided to use (excluding Inferior Demonbane), these spells deal damage (with a 20% accuracy bonus), much like any other offensive spells, but can only be cast on demonic creatures.

Demonbane spells targeting enemies affected by the Mark of Darkness spell gain a 25% damage bonus and have their accuracy bonus increased to 40%.

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Experience Damage
Inferior Demonbane.png Inferior Demonbane icon (mobile).png Inferior Demonbane Magic 44 4Fire 1Chaos 27 16
Superior Demonbane.png Superior Demonbane icon (mobile).png Superior Demonbane Magic 62 8Fire 1Soul 36 23
Dark Demonbane.png Dark Demonbane icon (mobile).png Dark Demonbane Magic 82 12Fire 2Soul 43.5 30

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 June 2021

Demonbane spells now have a 20% accuracy bonus, increasing to 40% for demonic creatures under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell.