Denying the Healers II

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Denying the Healers II (#151)
Released 21 July 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Complete the Fight Caves without TzTok-Jad being healed by a Yt-HurKot.
Tier Grandmaster
Monster TzTok-Jad
Type Mechanical

Denying the Healers II is a grandmaster combat achievement which requires the player to "Complete the Tzhaar Fight Caves without TzTok-Jad being healed by a Yt-HurKot."

The most reliable way to do this achievement is by ensuring Yt-HurKots are not given the chance to heal TzTok-Jad. This is done by luring TzTok-Jad near the entrance. This is because Yt-HurKots can randomly spawn anywhere but this part of the arena. It is advised the player is positioned near the centre of the arena once TzTok-Jad is lured, to get the attention of any Yt-HurKots that attempt to heal TzTok-Jad, as they can approach from any direction.

Another common way to do this achievement is by getting TzTok-Jad to just above half hitpoints, then casting Vengeance and using two dragon claws special attacks in quick succession while allowing TzTok-Jad to hit the player, which is likely to quickly finish it off before any Yt-HurKots have the chance to heal.